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Yes, but you need to contact us in Discord or per mail.

Thank you very much! The grind was real on that final weekend :)

Sorry, we could not recreate this error can you tell us the version of the browser?

Thank you for your feedback! So you are a real hacker :P

Art is outstanding! Amazing work!

Thanks for your feedback! This is a good idea :)

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! Btw we are going to make this a full title :)


here is our game :)

The amount of Godot games is still very low :(

Really impressive work!

Thank you for your feedback, Akien! 

We plan to keep the game itself open source but we may change the license or exclude the new levels from it.

Thank you for your feedback! We are reworking some levels and try to give more hints

Thank you for your feedback. We wanted to make it as realistic as possible :)

Thank you for your feedback! We've also enjoyed your game :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

Thanks for your feedback! In fact, we are still working on it and want to make it a full game.

Thank you for your feedback! We will add it to the bugfix list :)

Thank you! It's Godot Engine

Thank you :)

Thank you for your feedback! We really liked watching you playing our game :)

Thank you :)

Thank you for your feedback! We are considering it for the next release!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for your feedback! I guess we fixed it for now :)

As our biggest fan, why dont you join our discord server?

 Hello HOTDOGdragon360

Hello dev.

Like 50. We will see :)

Thank you for your feedback! We will discuss your ideas internally. (We may also provide a map editor.)

Thank you for your feedback! We have fixed this issue with 0.6.

 We will have a look at it. Also we are working on more levels :P

Devlog: Your First Day at ming Inc

In this devlog post we want to give you some more insights on how your first days at ming Inc will be. We want to avoid a tutorial and start with simple missions to get familiar with the toolchain, "notes from your coworker" and the "user manual". Your coworker will constantly supply you with new tasks as he develops new hardware features for the robot. The user manual gives you more insights on the assembly languages and explains the boards capabilities.

Getting Started

In the first mission the player will get familiar with the tool chain. The programming effort should be really low. Like turning the robots motor on. This could be achieved by implementing:

MOV 1 p0

While p0 is connected with the robot.

Taking control

On the lab, the robot starts driving but does not stop. So your coworker provides you with a remote control so you can stop the robot. It`s a simple analog device. When 1 is on the bus. The robot shall stop driving. A solution could be:

MOV p1 acc
CNE 1 ; Execute next line if acc != 1
MOV 1 p0

While p0 is to robots input and p1 is the remote control output

The player has to run the code on the robot in lab and stop the robot by pushing the button within a marked area.

Advanced Control - Part 1

This time the player will setup a own code for an advanced controller with left, right input and stop. The input is digital and output could be digital or analogue for advanced players.

Inputs: p5 {-1, 0, 1} - X axis left, neutral, right p6 {-1, 0, 1} - Y axis break, neutral, speed up

Output: p6 {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} - Nothing, break, speed up, left, right

MOV p6 acc
CMP -1 ; if acc == -1
JMP break
CMP 1 ; if acc == 1
JMP forward
MOV p5 acc
CMP -1 ; if acc == -1
JMP left
CMP 1 ; if acc == 1
JMP right
MOV p6 1
MOV p6 2
MOV p6 3
MOV p6 4

As the player has not yet implemented the robots code, he could not test it in the lab. To verify the result he could use a blackbox sort of probe analyser tool to emulate inputs and verify the results.

Advanced Control - Part 2

Now that the player has a working input controller device he will have to implement the robot side code.

Input: p4 {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} - Nothing, break, speed up, left, right - Or as defined in previous mission

Output p5 {-1, 0, 1} - Left, Nothing, Right p0 {0, 1} - Break, Speed up

MOV p5 acc
CGT 2 ; if acc > 2
JMP directions
CMP 1 ; if acc == 1
JMP break
CMP 2 ; if acc == 2
JMP speedUp
MOV 0 p0
MOV 1 p0
CMP -1 ; if acc == -1
JMP left
CMP 1 ; if acc == 1
MOV -1 p5
MOV 1 p5

Now that the player has implemented and verified the code of the controller and finished the implementation on the robots side, its time to test the robot in a parcour in the lab. The players bot has to pass several checkpoints and need to stop within an area to complete this mission.

I`m waiting :P

Wait what?! This is incredible

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Hello fellow game dev,

we are NimbleBeasts and looking for game devs willing to team up for the Game Off 2020 and Web Monetization Challenge. We are using Godot Engine and looking for some talents in coding, design (Aseprite), sound engineering and/or music. Your level of experience does not matter as long as you are interested and willing to learn.

We are using Godot, Aseprite, Discord, GIT and are based in UTC+1.

Our main goal is to have a lot of fun while improving our skills and expanding our experience.


If you want to join us msg mago @

This is how the typical workflow looks like :) 

What would make it a better game?

We may adjust the click delay a bit :)

Devlog - 15 Days Have Gone 

The first 15 days with our game "ming Inc" are over. In the meantime we have a more concrete idea of what the game should become.
As an employee of ming Inc you will not only have to code. You will experience the game in a kind of RPG in which you will get additional pressure from the boss, can get help from colleagues and of course test the robot in the lab.

When the player uses his computer, he can start the popular ming OS and start programming and debugging.

After you have written the first simple programs, e.g. controlling the electric motor that drives the robot, you can test it in the laboratory and solve different tasks. Over time, the robot gets more and more components that need to be controlled to solve tasks or of course to please the boss.

Status Quo

The virtual CPU is up and running. Codes can be compiled and be burned to ROM in order to execute it. You can also debug the code step-by-step. The assembly language and opcodes are considered as complete. We have switched the color palette and started making a basic tileset, implemented the player character and animated the players sprite. 

It is absolutely clear that we will not finish the game this month. The project is too ambitious for that. Nevertheless we are always looking for people who want to participate. No matter if beginner or professional and no matter if programming, sound design, music or pixel art - everyone is welcome. Get in touch with mago @Discord.