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It started working then "main.lua line 144" tried to index a nil value "selected". you might want to add a nil check.

Hmmm. Currently the game runs around 5FPS for me... Tried it on Windows 10 will try on 16.04 when I have the chance.

I would check into appImages & Care. This seems like a very interesting deployment and Love2D has an example of getting it setup:

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It's doable! Love2D game about:

  • An old man chases kids off his yard and dodges obstacles( lawn mowers, falling power cords, dogs, frisbees, etc.)
  • 2D ship game( theres a ship sprite generator on itch)
  • Quick draw game ( Cowboy Duel, Ninja Duel, Flamethrower Duel)
  • Cooking game ( grab materials and provide to the chef)
  • Non Scrolling Paper Boy ( every time the player makes it to the other side the game loads a new level)
Also thanks for building that Love 2D template!

finished my game


  • Love2D
  • Lua
  • Piskel
  • Gimp
  • VS Code
  • Git Github
Posted in Raspberry PI?

I would look into packaging with AppImage or Snappy so you can at least let users with the right arm processor play the game. I'm not at all the best at linux packaging and the only that makes sense to me is Snappy.

  • dig dug game but the mine suffers from flooding.
  • Cranked, You must kill a enemy every 10 seconds to live.
  • big fish little fish in space: ram other ships to destroy and get parts. then craft to become bigger.
  • quick draw game with gun jams. Now players must fight to death like nidhogg.
  • randomly generated zelda style dungeon. One room one exit. rouge kike.