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Raspberry PI?

A topic by Daivuk created Mar 17, 2017 Views: 257 Replies: 4
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My build will only work on raspbian ARM processor with broadcom GPU.

It's a custom framework I made so I'm not using SDL or anything like that.

Is it still accepted for submission?


if you use rasbien well yes it's linux


Are you saying it won't work on ArchLinuxArm either?


I am unsure. I built my own tech and so far I only ported it on Win32 and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 2 B)

I will provide a windows executable with it.

On the PI, I am using the broadcom video core API to create the surface.


I would look into packaging with AppImage or Snappy so you can at least let users with the right arm processor play the game. I'm not at all the best at linux packaging and the only that makes sense to me is Snappy.