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Just getting a grey screen on Win32 and Win64

@WebFreak here is the engine btw, this compiles the executable: https://github.com/Daivuk/onut

There is cmake, but its only ported on raspberry pi so it work work on anything else. For windows 10 there is a VS2013 solution file under project.

@WebFreak, I would have to port the engine (onut) to x86 first. Its in the plans. The engine is easy to port so I could get that done quickly.

@everard999, Ya ship controls are a bit hard, and slow acceleration. It was done on purpose because I started the jam with the idea to have a hard to control ship and develop the gameplay around that. But then added the meta strategy aspect to the game. So I am thinking of very simplifying controls. Faster turn, faster accel/deccell and focus more on the meta.

good idea. I was also thinking of adding sockets for online multiplayer. And AI vs AI mode just for fu

Nice it plays well.

For those interested, I added a real Linux build, not just raspberry PI. Also added OS X.

This was my favorite game. Well done. I love the little faces on the elements!

Replied to virtulis in Raspberry PI?

I am unsure. I built my own tech and so far I only ported it on Win32 and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 2 B)

I will provide a windows executable with it.

On the PI, I am using the broadcom video core API to create the surface.

Created a new topic Raspberry PI?
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My build will only work on raspbian ARM processor with broadcom GPU.

It's a custom framework I made so I'm not using SDL or anything like that.

Is it still accepted for submission?