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Thanks a lot! This version has bug fixes

Do what you want with it


Both, no problem!


Also on the XBox360, there was a bug that could happen where you crossed a bridge and could never come back. Also, there were disk read/write issues that could stutter the game. (Couldn't re-release)

But for this version, I fixed those issues :D

Thanks Megarev

Hey thanks @gamejamcurator !

I should probably update the binaries.. Currently it only runs on raspberry pi and PC.

Onut also supports loading Tiled maps and can be used by the Javascript side, or C++ side. It is chunked for optimization. It also supports the base64 and zip export formats. You can draw layers individually, fetch entities from object layers, etc. But it doesn't support tiles animation and image layer.

Just getting a grey screen on Win32 and Win64

@WebFreak here is the engine btw, this compiles the executable:

There is cmake, but its only ported on raspberry pi so it work work on anything else. For windows 10 there is a VS2013 solution file under project.

@WebFreak, I would have to port the engine (onut) to x86 first. Its in the plans. The engine is easy to port so I could get that done quickly.

@everard999, Ya ship controls are a bit hard, and slow acceleration. It was done on purpose because I started the jam with the idea to have a hard to control ship and develop the gameplay around that. But then added the meta strategy aspect to the game. So I am thinking of very simplifying controls. Faster turn, faster accel/deccell and focus more on the meta.

good idea. I was also thinking of adding sockets for online multiplayer. And AI vs AI mode just for fu

Nice it plays well.

For those interested, I added a real Linux build, not just raspberry PI. Also added OS X.

This was my favorite game. Well done. I love the little faces on the elements!

I am unsure. I built my own tech and so far I only ported it on Win32 and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 2 B)

I will provide a windows executable with it.

On the PI, I am using the broadcom video core API to create the surface.

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My build will only work on raspbian ARM processor with broadcom GPU.

It's a custom framework I made so I'm not using SDL or anything like that.

Is it still accepted for submission?