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Oh crap. I'm not good at building portable binaries am I :( I promise I will learn.

I'm not even sure what to do now. Can't really resubmit can I. You probably won't be interested but the building instructions would be something like:

Or don't, really. There's not much to see besides those two screenshots.

Not exactly game jam material :( need to go to work now so probably that's it. It doesn't work, but it's a good idea, right

Yay, looks like mine doesn't run anywhere but latest Arch. Good job me.

Kek. I also had some silly problems yesterday.

Ahh you're right. Besides it doesn't look like I'm shipping anything playable by the deadline.

Are you saying it won't work on ArchLinuxArm either?

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I'm making a Capitalism II clone with Mini Metro graphics.

The server is written in C++ (Boost and stuff), the client in JavaScript (Electron & PixiJS). CLion for the former, WebStorm for the latter, basically I'm a JetBrains fan :) and everything is in Mercurial.

All "art" currently consists of lines and shapes, although I'd like to use proper icons for goods types, but not sure where to get them (pre-drawn sets, if they exist, probably won't cover everything I need).

This is a prototype for a commercial game, so it won't be FOSS (unless I give up on the idea).