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From the roots!

A topic by Rickmeister created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 582 Replies: 19
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Started the game jam with a fresh install of Linux Mint. Nothing is like a real challenge!!

Going to use Gimp, Aseprite, Audacity, Vim and FreePascal as the toolchain, all open source projects. For now I will not submit for other OS;es then linux, but source code will be published on github - "Write once, compile everywhere". If I have time to spare (I doubt it) I will try to compile and submit a Windows application.

God speed everyone!


Hell yeah! Freedom! Unlimited power!!! Hehe

Pascal is something I haven't seen in a while, specially for game dev. Looking forward to it. Good luck! :D


So I'm not the only one using VIM here. That's great. Good luck and have fun :)

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> So I'm not the only one using VIM here.

Why would you even think that! =)


The learning curve might be steep, but it's in proportion with the productivity you gain at the end ;)

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Dem gains…


VIM is the best. I code in Netbeans with the jvi plugin so I get the best of both worlds.

Why am I posting here??? I've just started coding ffs!!


OMG! 3 days 17 hours and some change left!!

Level loading - Complete
Level rendering - Complete
Game Logic - Not so complete
Enemy AI - Say what?
User friendliness and ready do deploy - Very not likely!

On the plus side, no mem leaks so far.. Gotta look at the bright side sometimes..

Forgot to add Tiled to the toolchain, also open source and awesome! And Lazarus, apart from lacking a good editor it's a fine IDE!

Well done Rick, I'm only on the basics still working on a 2d platformer. I just need to figure out how to calculate an even vector distance for a rectangular object.... I might be screwed lol

What engine are you using? We might be able to help you?

Thanks, I ended up using the standard vector calc with an x limit. Not the most mathematically correct but it did the trick.

Straight line distance vector

math.sqrt(((x1-x2)*(x1-x2)) + ((y1-y2)*(y1-y2)))


math.abs(x1-x2) for the x limit


(steals code) i was wondering how to do that, in my game.

I'm certainly not much of a pixel artist. You know that when you start thinking about rotation matrices and morphing algorithms, as it's probably faster to write one then make a sprite that doesn't make people sick by just looking at it :) (And no, I didn't - I bribed my daughter to paint for me)

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Yay.. Spent three hours fixing a single bug, that caused a segmentation fault from time to time. Found it in my map rendering code. Somewhat obvious when you see it, but I had a hard time spotting it. Went for a walk, came back, solved it. Anyone that can spot it?

for x := 0 to width - 1 do
  for y := 0 to height - x do
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Line 3 you have an x instead of a 1?

I'm not very good with pascal so I'm unsure.

Programming in general too lol


Kek. I also had some silly problems yesterday.

Crunch time! Thinking of leaving out enemies as their AI is dumber then a seagull on crack atm. The (flawed)A* pathfinding routines can't find it's way out of a football field, and certainly not turn around corners. Spent at least a couple of hours smoothing out tile-map scrolling and collision detection. Got 15 levels designed (designed by my son. Thank you Wiliiam!) Added a range attack, but having trouble with it as it penetrates walls, and sometimes even whole levels ending up in a segfault as it wedges itself into memory allocated by Firefox........ And when I built the whole thing in release mode it crashed. That problem is solved by submitting a debug build :)

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Unpolished Pascal Spaghetti. Don't eat it raw! Will submit it in the very last minute, still needs alot of work. Enemies, AI and level progressing code isn't supplied to gihub repo yet. Need to get sound working too. Had to cut out the smooth-scroll of the tilemap as it became a mess, and it was either a rewrite or 'back to basics'. If I have enough time I'll try to get it working again.

Didn't make it in time :( Real life caught up with me and I had to work late last night, so I simply didn't have time to package and test it. Was fun tho, and count on me for the next jam!