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This game is a beast! It consumed part of my life.. lucky for me I found my way out.

Thanks, I ended up using the standard vector calc with an x limit. Not the most mathematically correct but it did the trick.

Straight line distance vector

math.sqrt(((x1-x2)*(x1-x2)) + ((y1-y2)*(y1-y2)))


math.abs(x1-x2) for the x limit

Well done Rick, I'm only on the basics still working on a 2d platformer. I just need to figure out how to calculate an even vector distance for a rectangular object.... I might be screwed lol

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Awesome, lots of good pointers there.

Might I add some tips for those wishing to get to sleep;

1. Avoid caffine after esp. after 6pm (as cheese said)

2. Keep a pen and paper right next to your bed and use it! Decompressing all your ideas from your mind and subconscious is essential to calm your brain, then reread them in the morning. You will find that ideas that sounded good before bed are actually bad or you thought of something much better, this will stop you from making so many mistakes and mistakes cost you time.

3. Use flux and turn off all lights at night and dimm your display, this will help your body produce melatonin.

4. Remind yourself this is a game jam and it should be fun / challenging. Don't stress yourself out, there are no prizes or awards (except bonus point :D), it's just an exercise to expand your creativity and skills. If you find yourself not having fun, take a break and if you dread the next day, maybe call it quits.