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Of course.

(I'll PM you at Discord channel if you need a hint.)

Care to elaborate?


Input surely need more work, but that's the best result I've managed to achieve during the Jam's time limit.


> I don't get why you chose to only use two buttons.

Well, because that was the idea considering the Jam's theme.

> Considering the other comment, maybe tell people that they just need to chmod +x the appimage file

Yeah, good idea, I guess. I just assumed it should be a common knowledge in Linux community =)

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Thanks! What's so weird about AppImages though?

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"Your game must have a Linux build."

Ergo your game could be distributed for as many platforms as you want, but one of them must be Linux.

Benjamin N. Summerton, Nim + Vim = Win! =)

kentarospin98, the game gets exponentially hard with the speed increasing, though. I'm thinking of adding "hard mode" for the next major release to satisfy both casual and hardcore players.

P.S.: Yours works now, but seems to not understand spaces in its path name. Not a breaking bug, but a minor inconvenience.

./Primitive-x86_64.AppImage: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Error: ./The Mansion: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Arch Linux x86_64, exists at /usr/lib/

Nim FTW!

Arch Linux (x86_64), throws error:

Regarding AppImage, you could check out my project's AppImage scripts:

Usable for any SDL2 based application.

Starts but don't respond to any keyboard controls. (Arch x86_64)

> in the last couple of months

I think you should submit content made only after the start of the jam.

Nim is awesome.

Here's my stack for this:

Language: Nim

Engine: Nimgame 2 (mine, WIP)

Tools and editors: gvim, git, aseprite, audacity, appimage

Repo (not much to look at yet)

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Dem gains…

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> So I'm not the only one using VIM here.

Why would you even think that! =)

+ Aseprite

As a proud Nokia X2-02 owner, I say it would be nice to have a Linux version aside the Android one for sure =)

So, what are you going to use for your Linux build distribution? AppImage? Flatpak? Source files?