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Extra points for pure C sdl! I've done one of those before, and it's  a lot of fun. Once you go pointers, you find yourself wondering how the heck are u supposed to program without them.

Written in C! huzzah!  Great little game, i would say however that the fight wit the monster was a bit long, with the only option of being attack or use and had to write attack a lot of times.  Im really glad however that I discovered!

dude, finish this game and make it mobile! its was crazy fun.

Mac? is apple still around? wow that brings back memories.

just played it.  a lot of work in it for just one week.  Great job overall.  I would mention the glitches but you probably thready know them :D  nice.

I played it.  The graphics are spot on for a parody.  The controls could use some work, and i couldn't tell whose turn it was, in my party.

I'm using LOVE, some of my own topdown tiles, and some of Jeff Preston's 60 "terrible" character portraits, from opengameart.  Yes, it has tons of skills, and many of them, are check-able and can be leveled up through actions taken.  You can attack monsters, and be attacked back, you can also chat with townsfolk.  not submitted yet, but will soon :)

lol wut?!?!? even freebsd went up to 10 (at a little urging and makefile modification by me )

Just watched Gardiner "attempt" to play our submission, Poor mans fly. To bad, my real beef with love is the fact that they depreciate and completely remove code from release to release. This makes errors, and unplayable games. If you are using ubuntu, one of the most popular systems out there, you are going to have love 0.9, but arch users are going to be on 0.10, so that means we cant play each others games :(

love, gimp, jedit, a cell phone mic, my stellar voice, and espeak for the robots!

(steals code) i was wondering how to do that, in my game.

"built" and "working" are relative terms!

I noticed someone submitted something already? Should we put the game up now or wait until the deadline?

I view bytecode as "assets" (ducks behind a chair) the natives are the native libs and binaries of your engine or platform.

aren't we splitting hairs here? im sure if i did it in python-pygame it woudl be legal, so why not another high level languange which has a native command + arguments to run?

do you prefer directional keys, WASD or HJKL?

I messaged you @timsindie :)

stallman approved linux only! haha :p

i wouldn't mind to have a pixel artist! how do i contact you directly?