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love2d lesson learned.

A topic by xmorg created Mar 22, 2017 Views: 454 Replies: 4
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Just watched Gardiner "attempt" to play our submission, Poor mans fly. To bad, my real beef with love is the fact that they depreciate and completely remove code from release to release. This makes errors, and unplayable games. If you are using ubuntu, one of the most popular systems out there, you are going to have love 0.9, but arch users are going to be on 0.10, so that means we cant play each others games :(


The love2d wiki suggests AppImage bundles.


well, that's why the current snappy/flatpack discussion is going on. Because someone finally realized that increasing platform fragmentation causes issues.

Of course you can always solve it by shipping the libraries you need… if you do it properly, that is.

Yep, that’s the problem with love2d. Making releases for Windows and OSX is easy, but for Linux… nope. (I’m sure it could be automated with a nice script, but apparently it hasn’t been done by anyone yet.)

And by the way, on Gentoo it’s still love2d 0.8.


lol wut?!?!? even freebsd went up to 10 (at a little urging and makefile modification by me )