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Yes, this kind of "joke" is neither funny nor interesting, and completely breaks the immersion. I started playing this thinking that it would be a surprising story with unexpected horror elements, but instead I got that ridiculous and annoying thing :(.

Thanks MaxRavenclaw. I figured from NateNarcieq’s message that it was not a bug but a "feature" of the game, so I just deleted the game. I’m glad that it’s not my HDD dying though.

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After baking cookies I chose to tell the other girl "i love you" and then she commits suicide in her room.

During the suicide scene there was an exception error displayed on the screen. I did not note it down…

After the "END" screen was shown, the main menu is displayed. The first entry of the menu is full of garbage characters and one of the girls picture is broken in plenty of squares that consist of some other girls mixed together. See

When I click on Load then all the save slots are now empty. I had saved games using the first 6 slots but now there is nothing and I can’t continue the game anymore.

Restarting the game does not help.

Playing on Linux.

Oh, I somehow missed the sorting options at the top-right hand corner, sorry. I must have just looked at the filter settings on the left…

It’s a bit unusual that ratings are only shown when you sort by rating, but why not.

Thanks for the clarifications!

Hi, the "forum search" suggestion is listed twice (but it probably deserves to be as it’s sorely missing! :p).

Also it would be useful to get the list of threads we’ve posted into somewhere in our control panel. Threads we’ve created don’t even appear in our list of subscribed threads at the moment.

I see that ratings appear in the global feed:

I guess that answers my question.


First, sorry if this has been addressed before, but I can’t find a way to search the forums!

itch asks me to rate things I’ve downloaded, but I wonder what happens if I rate and comment something. I can’t see any rating on various games and software pages, nor is there a filter by ratings.

Also, if I write a comment to go with the rating, what happens of it? Will it be shown to everybody, or to the publisher? Will it be anonymous or not?

Thank you.

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The interface is strange on this one. The only thing we can do is move and look? Also once a bubble is on the screen it's impossible to remove it except by doing another action. I would expect clicking anywhere to first remove the bubble instead of immediately executing an action.

Also the sound and music volume is much lower than most other games (I have to set my system volume to 80% instead of 50%).

Edit: ok I watched GrannyJo’s video and saw how to talk to people (it’s at minute 8 for anyone else wondering).

Yep, that’s the problem with love2d. Making releases for Windows and OSX is easy, but for Linux… nope. (I’m sure it could be automated with a nice script, but apparently it hasn’t been done by anyone yet.)

And by the way, on Gentoo it’s still love2d 0.8.

Generally speaking it’s best to compile stuff on an older distro (like Xubuntu 14.04) if you want your binary to work everywhere. This is mostly because of glibc that is forward compatible but not backward compatible.

Note to Linux users: forget the Linux version; get the Windows version and run it with Wine.

Unfortunately I didn’t find this tool as easy as some other people said, but I’ll try again later. Notably missing from the tutorial is an explanation for the "scales and chords" feature.

Personally I think a java game is fine if the JVM is provided so the player can just click to play without having to install java, just like C/etc. games should provide the libs they need (SDL, etc.), and love2d games should be playable without having installed love2d (especially since different versions of love2d are incompatible). But then it’s a 4 days game jam and unless someone has already done this distribution work before it’s something that takes time to get right…

It would be nice to mention the flashes in the description of the game, so people wouldn’t have to download, install and run it before discovering this issue.

If it’s only for Windows then there shouldn’t be Mac and Linux icons.

You tagged this wrong, .exe files are for windows only.

Can’t be for Linux and Macos if it’s a .exe.

I understand! For a free game there is not harm done… I can always switch to qwerty to play it. (Not with the keys I like but if it’s a short game it’s ok.)

Looks cool but I prefer to play with PUIE on my bépo keyboard ;).