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What happens when I rate a game?

A topic by stqn created Sep 30, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 4
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First, sorry if this has been addressed before, but I can’t find a way to search the forums!

itch asks me to rate things I’ve downloaded, but I wonder what happens if I rate and comment something. I can’t see any rating on various games and software pages, nor is there a filter by ratings.

Also, if I write a comment to go with the rating, what happens of it? Will it be shown to everybody, or to the publisher? Will it be anonymous or not?

Thank you.

I see that ratings appear in the global feed:

I guess that answers my question.


Hey, sorry for not getting back sooner. At the moment a few things happen when you rate something:

  • A event is created that will show on your followers feed, and can also show up on the global feed
  • The game's average rating changes. Games can be sorted by average rating from the browse page
  • The developer can read and see your rating + review

Right now it's pretty basic, we want to improve this part of the site quite a bit in the near future. Thanks

Oh, I somehow missed the sorting options at the top-right hand corner, sorry. I must have just looked at the filter settings on the left…

It’s a bit unusual that ratings are only shown when you sort by rating, but why not.

Thanks for the clarifications!

Is there any way to get the ratings and reviews to show up on the game page? Would be nice to have the option to show them, to give potential players to try/buy the game. Thanks!