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Does any one need a pixel artist ?

A topic by Thyrthg created Mar 12, 2017 Views: 621 Replies: 7
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hi I'm not much of a programer but was wondering if people would need help with art ?


I'm sure someone would love to have some pixel art! What kind of art do you think you can do? Something Mideval, retro, etc.

Retro mostly I believe . I have some pixel programs on my linux rig to help with me with that. I love how the old school games look.


Here's some of my Idea's


i wouldn't mind to have a pixel artist! how do i contact you directly?

I'm on twitter @alex_Brown_M if we need better communication we can go from there.


I messaged you @timsindie :)

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Hey I would love a pixel artist! I currently have three characters in my fighting game (basically a smash clone), but only 1 of their art was made in the correct time frame (the last 2-3 months). If you finish off the last two that wouldbe awesome! PM me on Discord Gleepower#4530