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A topic by Alan Pope created Mar 13, 2017 Views: 283 Replies: 5
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Gardiner has to play these, so I guess we should target hardware he has? I mean, no point making a game which requires multi-touch if Gardiner has no Linux device capable of playing the game. So, what should we use? Can we count on you having a keyboard, mouse and perhaps xbox/steam (dual analog) controller? :)

Or did you want to put limitations on the games and force us to use, or indeed not use, some control system?


I have a keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360, PS4, GameCube, and Steam Controller. I don't have a touch screen. Great questions! Keep 'em coming.


Please add this to the front page so people can see without going in here. This may be a FAQ.


do you prefer directional keys, WASD or HJKL?

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WASD is fine. But this is not The Linux Gamer's Game Jam. :P

Make the game you want to make! Weird control schemes are good if they're innovative!


Given that Linux is the Jam's target, I'd consider it good practice to make Controls rebindable (think customization, also there are probably more users that use layouts such as Dvorak, Azerty or Colemak for example.)

Also it's not that hard to do in most cases, and a big improvement in quality.

If you're anything like me, that's probably a pretty interesting read: