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Hector Castelli Zacharias

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I broke the game before it even started! :(

Played it after a reload and it was cool.

Oh, we don't talk about that...

Just kidding. We just figured that since it's the only item that you can pick up without getting spicier it should be good to represent victory.

I'm going with a small team and we're going to stream under my twitch. We probably going to pull some long nights on the stream but that's our usual!

Let's give it our best!

I liked the game mechanics of having three types of enemies and enemies closer to you being brighter. But the game is really hard to understand even after reading the instructions.

I wish this was procedurally generated for extensive gameplay! Also, love the soundtrack, did you write it?

Hey man, I am a game designer and developper but I suck at art. Can you send me any contact info (twitter, email, etc) so we can talk?

Please add this to the front page so people can see without going in here. This may be a FAQ.

so no hannah montana linux? :(

I will honor your request out of respect for this phone

Is Android build considered Linux?

Can I have an Android only game?