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submit now or when its done?

A topic by xmorg created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 425 Replies: 6
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I noticed someone submitted something already? Should we put the game up now or wait until the deadline?

If you have it built and working then Submit! If not then don't!


"built" and "working" are relative terms!

hehe, if you have something that you feel like is worth submitting (I.E. You have some catasrophic emergency tomorrow and can't work on it so you just submit what has been done up until that point) then go ahead! But don't submit an empty project!


Actually, submitting the project beforehand is probably a good Idea. What if your upload 30 minutes before the deadline is slow? I had myself almost not making it last time, because of that.

Hmm, there seem to be some shady entries around, tho.


I'm curious what you meant by the shady entries? I haven't looked too hard at anything myself, just curious.


I've just seen a few who are either trolling (no download, but a price tag, offensive thumbnails), or sport far earlier creation dates.
But some of them disappearing hints at active moderation.

It just struck me as unusual for itch.