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Seems to work well! There's an issue where the scaling to a 1440x900p screen doesn't appear to work well however the gameplay itself runs fine. I really like the look and vibes I get from tis!

Great game, finished it quite quickly. The transitions are seamless and the game works great on Arch.

I don't seem to be able to run your game, it opens a black window and then nothing happens. No console output ether.

Nice! Good luck on your submission.

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Hey, you could be like Space Engineers and be OSS even though they are selling it still ;)

Granted, I think they keep it a "Few" revisions behind just for the sake of still making money. Plus prototypes being open source doesn't mean that the full game has to! ;)

Note: OSS just means the source code is avalible, this does NOT mean that they are Free

Alright! Hope you finish, good luck!

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Line 3 you have an x instead of a 1?

I'm not very good with pascal so I'm unsure.

Programming in general too lol

Another Blender Engine user... Honestly I so rarely see any documentation on it that I have no idea its capibilities.

Cool! You like Vokoscreen? It seems like a decent recording software although I am a religous user of SSR.

Nice! I hope to see your project, I rarely see anything from the game engine side of blender. Plenty on the modeling, animation, and video editing side though...

But is your Voice as good as gardiners is the question ;)

I hope to see what you make!

hehe, if you have something that you feel like is worth submitting (I.E. You have some catasrophic emergency tomorrow and can't work on it so you just submit what has been done up until that point) then go ahead! But don't submit an empty project!

Cool, lets see what you make!

Alright! Please do put that project up for us to see!

Not all of us have time to do something big :)

If you do make something be sure to let me know!

Got everything on your list, do tell if you do make your source code public.

Nim seems like a cool language, Never seen it before.

Done! If you intend on open sourcing it do let me know so I can put the link in the description.

If you have it built and working then Submit! If not then don't!

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I would love to know what software you are using! Anything and everything! FOSS or no. Bonus points if you give me a link to the source code for your game.

*Bonus points have no value

Compiled list of software known to be used by someone in the game jam:

List of games being worked on:






What engine are you using? We might be able to help you?

I'm sure someone would love to have some pixel art! What kind of art do you think you can do? Something Mideval, retro, etc.

The linux version of this game seems to have some issues, namely I cannot run it. I'm willing to help out but it appears as if the executable is not runable as it currently stands



zsh: exec format error: ./love


Any help would be appreciated. this seems like a great game

haha, :P Penguin = Linux and Apple = Mac

The penguin stabs the apple because the apple is useless >:)