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Lots of fun, and it's another game made with LOVE2d, so I've gotta like that. It seemed like I was able to lag out the game when I got the speed up shooting power up, I'd assume just because it added too many bullets to the game.

Nice work!

Super pretty looking, and although as you said you meant it more as a demo, it's still fun to play around with and you definitely want to keep getting a higher score.

Hey MLB,

I'm not exactly certain how to respond to your comment directly, but in the latest version (the one labeled Linux Jam/Full Version), you are able to do exactly that (and layer stencils, and you have a fabulous circle stencil as well if you want to make stars or something...).

It was still created within the time limit, so definitely try it out when rating for this jam!

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Hello, I'm asking about people's thoughts about submitting a game to two different game jams at once, a school hosted jam and this one. The game fits the rules of both jams, and I'm providing a version of the game for both jams since my school hosted one ended yesterday and I was able to work on it for a bit more after it ended. It's made in LOVE2D, and currently it requires LOVE to be installed to run on linux, but that's the same case for several other games submitted. I'm working on packaging it as an app image, so hopefully it will soon be much nicer to run on linux.

I'm plenty fine with removing the game from this jam if people don't think it's appropriate for me to submit it, please share your thoughts below.


At this point no one has responded, so I'm gonna keep it in unless someone finally speaks up. Good luck to all those last minute submitters out there! (And the rest of you, too.)

I'm curious what you meant by the shady entries? I haven't looked too hard at anything myself, just curious.