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What mac are you using? An Intel Mac? An apple silicon mac? And what os version? Are there any error logs if you run it via terminal?

picoCAD has a complexity limit so if your models are complicated they won’t work correctly. The nice thing about blender is that it’s free so there’s no harm trying. Find a tutorial on just texture painting a similar object to what you want and watch it once and then follow it completely.

Currently this tool only works for picoCAD models. If you’re trying to paint/texture other 3D models I recommend blender, substance painter, or zbrush!

Is there any chance you could build a version for Windows? If you're using Unity, Godot, or Unreal you should be able to build a Windows version even if you're on a Mac. I only have access to a Windows machine so am unable to play your game at the moment but I really want to!

That was great! I loved it both with and without the screen on, the ocean visualization was fantastic. I couldn't get the web build to work but the downloaded version was fun! I appreciate the web documentation that was a really good and clear way to describe the game, I think that's something that a lot of jammers (including myself) missed!

That was fun! I got pretty far considering that I didn't really plan ahead. I found that I had much more luck just fleeing every enemy except for the ones in the staircase down, not sure if that was intentional or not. I wish the game window stuck around when you lost so that I could read what killed me (I was reading visually, not with a screen reader) but I could pretty much guess what happened.

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I tried playing both with my monitor on and off, off was relatively difficult, I definitely relied mostly on Teddy to find the honey and struggled some times to hear what direction he was in. It was also unclear to me (until I played with the screen on) that pressing space while teddy would summon him back to me but not immediately send him away again, I had assumed that if I pressed space at any point he would go to where the next honey was. It would also be useful to have him say a special line after you've collected all the honey to tell you to move onto the next section of the level. I appreciated the audio descriptions of the cutscenes (and they looked great visually as well, I appreciate how you highlighted the characters so they stood out as well!).

I liked the story (the parts of it I could get to) and the vibes! I too had some trouble doing tasks with the space bar, I failed each one haha, and I sometimes had to use my mouse to click buttons to be able to select them. Unity sometimes has some funky behavior about selecting UI elements, so it may be worth implementing some code that will select the next button when a UI element is enabled? I got up to the end of my first shift when it was time to lock up and then I had some issue that seemed to stop me from progressing. Either way definitely interesting to play wish I could've gotten further!

hahaha that’s really funny! Unfortunately I don’t know if I can fix that I think that’s a bug with the engine we used? Bet you that’s a very good exploit for speed running though…

Yeah for later levels you really need to flip through the different circuits to get an understanding as to what the levers do. Getting shoved through the floor is obviously a bug, this game is a several years old now so maybe it just runs differently now I’ll check it out. What operating system are you on? It’s been a while but I think the runes are roughly based on Norse runes? I think they were swapped around and modified somewhat though so I don’t believe it’s a direct 1:1 with any language. Thanks for playing!

Yep! But I feel like that goes counter to the only rule of the game jam which is it must be put on sale for money. It’s a game jam game, it’s barely finished, I wouldn’t recommend getting it, but it was a fun project for myself and that’s my number one priority in the end!

I did! The game was for a game jam where the only rule was that you had to put it up for sale for some amount of money. I put it up for 10 cents per hour of the race which seemed entertaining, hence $2.40. I realized after release that I can discount it heavily though for anyone who actually wants to try it.

Sure I’ll look into making a simple gameplay video. Basically though it’s just a very rough driving game where the race lasts for 24 real-time hours!

Honestly, I enjoyed seeing what came next. While the gameplay was wayy too long (ayyyy) the BS was quite entertaining!

Very cool!
The copy button didn't seem to work on the web version (I'm running chrome but I do have a couple of script blocking extensions so maybe one of those broke it?)

I appreciated how as the world got worse and worse fewer and fewer opportunities to improve your happiness came around, which felt pretty accurate (it also led to my favorite icon, birdwatching a dead bird). The worst I was able to get the world was EAJDEAAD, which, while perhaps there is a further destroyed world, does have the word deaad in it so I figured that was a good place to stop for anyone who wants to try continuing from where I left off. At the moment there are no positive opportunities to improve your life, but obviously there are still choices to be made to maybe recover the planet a bit! I'm signing off for now but hopefully I'll be able to try taking the world to its most positive extreme later.

Glad you got it working. I double checked the windows version and that worked fine for me as well as the online version. 

Here are the controls:

Hold shift for a couple seconds to put the throttle at full (control reduces the throttle but you don't normally need that), then use S/W to control up/down, A/D to control tilting left/right, and Q/E to control rudder left/right. Press C if you want to toggle camera modes, and press R or T if you get stuck. Press H to toggle the help menu. That should be about it!

Hmmm, I've tried it on multiple computers (and the analytics say that a bunch of other people have also played the html5 version) so I don't know what the issue is. If you hover over the game your cursor disappears but you should still be able to click on it and take control!

The deadline to submit was extended 12 hours to help with people having issues making builds/submitting:

It's in! I had to totally remake the shader that was causing issues but you can play the web version now. The update also includes a bunch more random features like other graphical improvements, actual rudder control, and rings to fly through, so please enjoy!

I tried to make an HTML5 version but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the terrain to render correctly — I only have a little time today so I’ll definitely try to make it work but I can’t guarantee it.

Perhaps a real-time QTE experience that lasts like a day or something?

I like the model outline and how you've rounded the X to make it better seem like it's on the surface! I also like how you also included the concept art for your model, I think it's cool to see how people plan their projects!

Great model, I love the texturing and the little tuft of hair. Also it's very grounded in a fantastic way with the plants and the pose!

That is a fantastic use of render first and textures to make that mast seem partially underwater! Very cool and I like the scene!

Looks almost like a trophy for the jam! Nice work.

That is fantastic! I love the concept and poses!

Nicely done! I love the additions in the texture, and the palette swap is fantastic. (spoilers) I read the text and started singing, and then I scanned the QR code and started singing again 😆

I love it! The texture work is fantastic! That said I think technically you didn't follow the limitation because you used two hexagonal prisms. I'm not sure if there's a way to change that now or if you have to ask an admin to change it for you.

Brilliant move using the rotation of the gif to fake the rotation of the lighthouse beam! Fantastic use of the medium :)

[some slight spoilers in this so definitely play it yourself if you haven't already!]

I've had this on my list to play for ages and I finally found some free time! This was super cool! The feels and the art and the music were all fantastic. Most of all I love the little details that make it what it is from pictures on the wall to the way the messages stack on top of each other to the interactions with Craig and the cat and between objects that reward exploring and discovering everything. I did not realize how much I had missed in life by not previously jamming out to the hobbit but this let me live out my new wildest dream.

Craig's messages (and indeed everyone else's as well) put words to feelings I've been having and I think a lot of us have been having in these fucked up times and been unable to voice.

I recognized the Skyrim cover, was the other one Black Ops? Or something else?

Thank you for making and sharing this :)

Can you guys upload the .dlls for the windows version? Without them it won't run without Love2D installed. The art from the screenshots looks great though!

I especially liked the two modes of combat vs exploration! I’m afraid I’m pretty bad at classic roguelikes so I was bad at entering battles but I was definitely better at the combat section. Plus, it felt pretty empowering as well during the exploration when I figured out how to use the power ups to trap people and force them to battle. nice work!

Thanks! I’m definitely a fan of it so I want to keep working on it. That likely means ripping out some of the hastily made game jam stuff like all the weapons and the upgrade system and rebalancing it. The art and non-combat systems all need a major upgrade. As do the factions... and the NPCs all need to be tied to a different faction with different behaviors... and there should be different ship designs and colors... and I had wanted to implement co-op for the game jam but had to scrap it for scope reasons...

Basically yeah there are wayyy too many things I want to change and improve, but my plan is to keep it in a working state and slowly iterate on it! I forgot how fun it is to have a working save game feature with save and load since it really allows for longer/multiple play sessions and I want to capitalize on that with extended gameplay options and larger goals.

Thanks! Yeah the mechanics are nowhere near innovative but I wanted to create a game similar to an iOS game I played and absolutely loved back in the day called Ultraviolet Dawn. Unfortunately it has long since stopped working for the latest os releases. Since that game doesn’t work I decided to create my own, hopefully better version! :D

I like it a lot! I didn't see as much persistence but really enjoyed tricking the bots and slowly learning the colors! 

That was a distinctly strange experience. It was quite interesting trying to decipher the controls and make things happen, and it was pretty rewarding when I got things working. The strange music and art actually added to the experience a bit, whether or not it was intentional, it all added the the "alienness" of the experience. That said sometimes it seemed like things didn't actually work, like the missiles didn't seem to actually do anything, although maybe I was misinterpreting what I saw. That took away from the feeling of discovery when I deciphered the controls since I put effort into figuring it out then they didn't work the way I expected, but that may just be due to the game being in progress. I noticed the page says it's about half done so definitely keep working on it, I think it'll be super cool once you get it all working!

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If you're using the web version I'm afraid saving and loading doesn't work between reloads of the webpage so I don't recommenced relying on the feature! Hope you still enjoy the game nevertheless!

It should work great for the downloaded Windows version though so if that's an option I definitely recommend it!

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Thanks so much for making this!

I used it for this past GGJ and it was super awesome -- easy to use and worked great.

The only issue I had with making my first person game was that the mouse sensitivity and joystick sensitivity were by default far different. Obviously you can scale the mouse from the rebinding menu, but I was wondering if there's a nice way to set the default mouse sensitivity to something far smaller to match joysticks (or vice versa) or a way to scale one or the other behind the scene (in addition to the scalar that's editable by the players).

What I ended up doing because I was making a hacky game jam game was on the first opening of the game I set the mouse sensitivity to .2 with Sinput.mouseSensitivity then I save the settings by calling the function your rebind menu calls on the apply settings button. Obviously this isn't a great solution although it worked for the game jam.

Is there a better way?



Ah! Did you move the .exe out of the extracted folder? LOVE2D has some required .dll files that I included in the .zip that need to be in the same folder as the .exe for it to run. If you simply extract the .zip file then run the .exe in that new folder it should work! I recommend downloading the new version anyways to get access to the improvements we made!

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Can I ask for some details on what the error was for the Windows version? I just ran it on two different computers and it ran fine.

That said, I've uploaded a new and improved version! Not only is it running on the latest version of LOVE2D but it has additional help features so you can figure out what logic gate you're looking at without going to the pause menu!

Annoyingly enough I haven't been able to upload a working version of the mac build, for some reason whenever I download a version that worked before I uploaded it it says it doesn't work! The windows version is uploaded and ready to play! If you want to play it on mac I can upload the .love file but at the moment I'm stuck figuring out what's happening with the mac build so I'll have to get back to you on that.