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Sure I’ll look into making a simple gameplay video. Basically though it’s just a very rough driving game where the race lasts for 24 real-time hours!

Ha! Did you put it on sale for 2 cents or did automatically do it?

I did! The game was for a game jam where the only rule was that you had to put it up for sale for some amount of money. I put it up for 10 cents per hour of the race which seemed entertaining, hence $2.40. I realized after release that I can discount it heavily though for anyone who actually wants to try it.

Do you mean that you pay 10 cents for every hour of the game that you play it?

Also you can put your games on sale for $0.00.

Yep! But I feel like that goes counter to the only rule of the game jam which is it must be put on sale for money. It’s a game jam game, it’s barely finished, I wouldn’t recommend getting it, but it was a fun project for myself and that’s my number one priority in the end!

Did it say that you can't do a web game that can be played?