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What about donations?

This is the best pack I could find.


I was just wondering do I can attach it to my visual studio, where does it install?

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I will try to add on screen controls. If I do could I send you the src code with Google drive link for you to export and put on here?

Other than that it's a great game.

Did it say that you can't do a web game that can be played?

Also you can put your games on sale for $0.00.

Do you mean that you pay 10 cents for every hour of the game that you play it?

Ha! Did you put it on sale for 2 cents or did automatically do it?

Could you put a quick video on you playing it so I know a little more on what you do

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It was a bug at first but then I realized that it makes the game easier. Sorry. This is kind of late, but I was going to update it but now have lost the computer it was being developed on. :(

Oh no the missal collide I know and I did it as a way to make it easier to get the enemies. And the on timer timeout   isn't for the missiles it is for the missal launchers. That is because I just used the enemy spawner  and put on a different script.

Now updated!

Sorry. I will upload the .pck soon.

I got the HTML5 version to work but I cant read the text in the game so could you tell me how to control the plain?

And when I download the game for windows it doesn't let me open it.

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The courser disappears but it doesn't let me do anything even on full screen mode

The HTML5 version I cant control or do anything because for Somerson it doesn't let me click on the game. So I think you need to fix that too.

Thanks soo much!

Ok hopefully you get it working :) 

Could you put HTML5 in the page so I don't have to download it?

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