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Ok hopefully you get it working :) 

It's in! I had to totally remake the shader that was causing issues but you can play the web version now. The update also includes a bunch more random features like other graphical improvements, actual rudder control, and rings to fly through, so please enjoy!

Thanks soo much!

The HTML5 version I cant control or do anything because for Somerson it doesn't let me click on the game. So I think you need to fix that too.

Hmmm, I've tried it on multiple computers (and the analytics say that a bunch of other people have also played the html5 version) so I don't know what the issue is. If you hover over the game your cursor disappears but you should still be able to click on it and take control!

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The courser disappears but it doesn't let me do anything even on full screen mode

And when I download the game for windows it doesn't let me open it.


I got the HTML5 version to work but I cant read the text in the game so could you tell me how to control the plain?

Glad you got it working. I double checked the windows version and that worked fine for me as well as the online version. 

Here are the controls:

Hold shift for a couple seconds to put the throttle at full (control reduces the throttle but you don't normally need that), then use S/W to control up/down, A/D to control tilting left/right, and Q/E to control rudder left/right. Press C if you want to toggle camera modes, and press R or T if you get stuck. Press H to toggle the help menu. That should be about it!