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VIM is the best. I code in Netbeans with the jvi plugin so I get the best of both worlds.

How about fonts? That would be a bit impossible if we had to use 'original' fonts ....

I really like the bitrock install builder. Its Free for open source projects. But you need to apply so its probably not enough time for any of the projects here to use it. I use it with my keyboarding master project and nautdrafter.

For this contest, I agree with Northburns, just bundle the jvm. Its easy. Just grab the latest JVM 64-bit from here and write a simple bash script that uses the jvm. If anyone is using jmonkeyengine, I think their IDE creates an installer. I think I saw one of the projects including the jmonkeyengine monkey asset.

Currently working on my game --- it won't be feature complete and I will submit at the last minute.


  • Language: Java
  • UI + SceneGraph + Input Handling: JavaFX
  • Source Control: bitbucket
  • Image Processor: Gimp