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I'm making a Capitalism II clone with Mini Metro graphics.

The server is written in C++ (Boost and stuff), the client in JavaScript (Electron & PixiJS). CLion for the former, WebStorm for the latter, basically I'm a JetBrains fan :) and everything is in Mercurial.

All "art" currently consists of lines and shapes, although I'd like to use proper icons for goods types, but not sure where to get them (pre-drawn sets, if they exist, probably won't cover everything I need).

This is a prototype for a commercial game, so it won't be FOSS (unless I give up on the idea).

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Hey, you could be like Space Engineers and be OSS even though they are selling it still ;)

Granted, I think they keep it a "Few" revisions behind just for the sake of still making money. Plus prototypes being open source doesn't mean that the full game has to! ;)

Note: OSS just means the source code is avalible, this does NOT mean that they are Free

Ahh you're right. Besides it doesn't look like I'm shipping anything playable by the deadline.