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9 hours left, a good time to start?

A topic by Alan Pope created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 352 Replies: 7
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Had a busy weekend and no inspiration. Now I'm wondering if I could throw together a poorly made late entry. Anyone else still working on their project, or yet to start like me? :)

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It's doable! Love2D game about:

  • An old man chases kids off his yard and dodges obstacles( lawn mowers, falling power cords, dogs, frisbees, etc.)
  • 2D ship game( theres a ship sprite generator on itch)
  • Quick draw game ( Cowboy Duel, Ninja Duel, Flamethrower Duel)
  • Cooking game ( grab materials and provide to the chef)
  • Non Scrolling Paper Boy ( every time the player makes it to the other side the game loads a new level)
Also thanks for building that Love 2D template!

Oh man! I was about to give up and you mentioned the sprite generator! I think I might play with this on my own, and enter the next contest as there's no way I'll be ready for this one. Thanks for the tips!


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No problem. I'm almost done with something that could pass as a game, but realistically, I still have enough on my plate to warrant an entire second entry. ;)

It's really just a question of how "fluid" you are with the tools you use.

Edit: Also, if you're the Alan Pope, I think you are - then maybe I should ask you for advice. ;)


That entirely depends which Alan Pope you think I am. :) (the one who works for Canonical on Ubuntu, likes cats and looks a little like Elvis)

One problem I have is that I've chosen to use a language/framework (lua / love2d) I don't know well, in order to force me to learn it. However this means I'm throwing code all over the place to make it work and it looks shocking :D I need to learn a bit more to make sure my code isn't terrible before I submit for 'peer review' :D


I had that same reasoning attempting to learn Godot through this Jam. Unfortunately that was too big of a challenge for me. :P

Hearing Love2D being brought up a bit around here, is it easier to learn than Godot for someone who's new to UI/physics programming?

I haven't tried to learn Godot, but it's on my list to look at. I found LOVE very straightforward to pick up, mainly because there is good documentation, and due to the nature of it, you can rummage around in other people's public .love files to learn from them.