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Cool. Once I realized the thief can stay hanging (keep holding the X key) on the chandelier it made it slightly easier! XD

Very clean design. I used Wine to run the windows version.

@WebFreak, you are right. Basically I simplified the "mental image" too much, treating the "hand" means upper body related, "foot" means lower body related. A punch generally comes high, so you block/parry high. A kick generally comes low, so you block/parry low. After the first few guesses based on what the radical is about, it's just memorization.

I like the graphic design.

I could not get back to the main menu after looking at the Controls page. :(

Source code is (editable in text editor) in game package, so it's open-source in that sense. The code looks really messy right now, but I'll wait to update it before disqualifying the entry. XD

Fun and on-theme. A little fast to handle but may be part of the charm.

@WebFreak, the bouncing ball will hit the stars and when all the stars are knocked out a new level begins.

It's a variation on pin-ball/pong. Very cute. But please make it clear how to exit the game. I had to hard-restart my computer because none of the usual methods worked to exit the program.

Thanks, everard!

I had that same reasoning attempting to learn Godot through this Jam. Unfortunately that was too big of a challenge for me. :P

Hearing Love2D being brought up a bit around here, is it easier to learn than Godot for someone who's new to UI/physics programming?