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I meant the smaller character portraits, usually on the left side of the dialog box. But if the quick menu buttons use the same concept I'll think about doing that. Thanks!

Thanks for the update. Is it easy to implement side images (the smaller image near the dialog box) in the current engine?

Great work, but the tutorial is buggy.

1. Using Chrome, the settings/save/skip/auto buttons don't respond to mouse clicks, instead it overlaps with the normal click-to-continue operation. In Firefox it responds better.

2. I tested the save/load in the tutorial (in Firefox, because of issue #1), when I saved progress and the character is in the center screen, then load it while the game is still in progress, the  character in the center doesn't get cleared when the character is moved to the left as the game continues. It could be a problem with the browser/Javascript engine unable to properly execute due to user's fast clicking, but it's still an undesirable effect for a game engine.

Cool. Once I realized the thief can stay hanging (keep holding the X key) on the chandelier it made it slightly easier! XD

Very clean design. I used Wine to run the windows version.

@WebFreak, you are right. Basically I simplified the "mental image" too much, treating the "hand" means upper body related, "foot" means lower body related. A punch generally comes high, so you block/parry high. A kick generally comes low, so you block/parry low. After the first few guesses based on what the radical is about, it's just memorization.

I like the graphic design.

I could not get back to the main menu after looking at the Controls page. :(

Source code is (editable in text editor) in game package, so it's open-source in that sense. The code looks really messy right now, but I'll wait to update it before disqualifying the entry. XD

Fun and on-theme. A little fast to handle but may be part of the charm.

@WebFreak, the bouncing ball will hit the stars and when all the stars are knocked out a new level begins.

It's a variation on pin-ball/pong. Very cute. But please make it clear how to exit the game. I had to hard-restart my computer because none of the usual methods worked to exit the program.

Thanks, everard!

I had that same reasoning attempting to learn Godot through this Jam. Unfortunately that was too big of a challenge for me. :P

Hearing Love2D being brought up a bit around here, is it easier to learn than Godot for someone who's new to UI/physics programming?