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Super-rough draft of game...

A topic by PyrrhaIphis created Oct 01, 2020 Views: 229 Replies: 2
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Sorry to be spamming this board (if two posts counts as spamming), but as I finished adapting my novel's opening to become a piece of lightly interactive fiction (which at almost 20k words is way longer than the single chapter it was in the original novel!), I've become worried about a lot of things about it, particularly whether or not it is actually appropriate to submit it to this jam.

So, I've uploaded a draft version with just the text, playable in browser.  (A finished version would have some graphical elements, a less boring color scheme, a working glossary, an actual title, etc.)  If a few people could read it and leave me feedback on the issues I outline on the "instructions" screen of the game,  I would greatly appreciate it, and will be glad to return the favor in whatever way I can.  (Ideally, I'd like at least one who reads the game before reading the instructions and one who reads the instructions first, but I'll take whatever I can get.)  I've made a discussion board on the game's draft page with two sticky threads, one for instructions first and one for game first.

The draft page is at if anyone is willing to give it a look.

Content warnings:  (non-ethnic) slavery, mentions of past physical abuse, implications of possible non-consensual sex (for characters other than our heroines), period-typical castration and attitudes towards same...probably other things, but those are all that are coming to mind.  (It does take place in the Late Bronze Age, and things were pretty awful back then...)

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I can’t access the forum posts to give feedback, probably because it’s in draft mode. I read the instruction first, and I think it reads fine with Ariadne’s feelings being fairly non-cousin-like (first time the emphasis on “why can’t others appreciate her”, and the strong reaction with the staring scene). But I understand your concern. What I was wondering about is the strong reaction from Atalanta during the staring scene, but not being acearo means my comment can be ignored.

(if you don’t want to spoil readers with this feedback, let me know and I will delete it)


Just an FYI, but the old link is no longer functional, because I've uploaded the final(ish?) version of the game.