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Created a new topic Epilogue

Sorry if I'm being stupid here, but did the update include the epilogue? I had thought it did, but now I'm reading the e-mail again, and it looks like it didn't. Is that right? (Yes, I know the update was a month ago, but I was so busy with finishing up my school term that I didn't want to spend time gaming.)

BTW, about the endings, I know there are good and bad ends for each love interest, but where do the other three endings come from? Best endings? Or...*gulp*...WORST endings?

Ah, that's finally got it! :D

BTW, loving the game! (Two good ends so far...)

The same thing is happening to me; it won't connect to my account. I downloaded it from the KickStarter backer e-mail, but it's not listed under my purchases, and the game's page still says $10. This is only the second game I've downloaded off itch.io, so I don't remember what I had to do before (or not do?) to get my previous backer copy linked to my account here.