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The new palestine bundle bundle page issues

A topic by aldenfen created 10 days ago Views: 705 Replies: 33
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First, I kinda hate the games are autoadded to the library, given the sheeer number of them, since you can't sort or search within your own library!. 

Second and also bad, when you check in page for the bundle, the search option for titles does not work. It does work for another bundle I bought, the one about racial justice that was also a ton of names?. So I can't even search for names quickly.


Seconding this. The racial justice bundle last year didn't automatically add everything to my library, so I assumed it'd work the same this time around, and it... did not. Some help sorting this out would be appreciated.


It was a mistake on our end that the bundle launched in that mode. We’ve since updated the bundle to work similar to the Racial Justice bundle, and we’ve run a script to remove any unaccessed entries from your library. Tell me if you spot any issues, thanks

Looks good on my end. Thank you for the quick response!

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is there a way for those who want that mode enabled to reenable it, it's a pain in the butt having to click around a 1000 download buttons to get the "you own this game, you purchased it on x for y$" to show up on the game pages, it's like we didn't even buy them

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could you send out a seperate email link that activates everything, even going through all the download buttons doesen't work because some games only have a "play in browser" button or worse neither a "download" or a "play in browser" (vaporware situation) which is a problem because there is no way to get those games tagged as owned in case later they release a download. 


and on the "play in browser" ones i know some of you may be thinking "well just play in browser then", but keep in mind they included themselves in the bundle and the PiB part could be done without buying the bundle, so having dibs on future download files being attached is a fair and reasonable position.

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Similar to the Racial Justice Bundle, we will not be providing a tool to add everything to your library.

For clarification, you still have access to everything in the bundle, it is not necessary to manually add everything to your library. You’re not missing out on anything.


How to get Smile for Me since i won't miss anything?
Or the hourS I'm gonna need to manually activating everything going back to page 1 for about.. 700 games?........
Or atleast fix the dl button to open a new page.. Something..
And why not make a toggle button?

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Smile for Me is no longer in the bundle since the developer didn’t correctly read the submission guidelines and was unable to provide a way to access the games without Steam keys.

As I said in my previous message, it’s not necessary to click into every single game up front. You will be able to access the games at any time.


"we will not be providing a tool to add everything to your library"
??? Why??? People have been asking for this feature since the other bundle. Please give us an option.


Really wish the option from the main bundle page where you can sort was applicable in the actual bundle page. I hope it gets added, since I really don't want to switch back and forth between tabs just to search or filter certain items.


It would be so cool if they allowed you to sort your library like you can sort the store page, search tags, even ratings on what you own. That woul dbe a wonderful fix, even if they autoadd everything. Also, no infinite scroll, that's bad, BAD, BAD WHEN YOU HAVE 1000+ ITEMS AND IT LOADS A COUPLE A TIME.


Some devs will need to be notified that their submissions aren't bundle friendly. For example, Smile For Me (which seems to be a point of excitement for buyers) has no DRM-free copy and no Steam key, just a PDF explaining how to activate the Steam key.


Yeah, noticed that... it is very awkward. 


Thanks for the report. We may end up removing games that were trying to only offer a Steam key, as we aren’t provided keys with the bundle. Can you please tell me if you encounter any more.


I can't seem to download FRAMED collection either.


Bumping this. I'd really like to support this effort (and the games would be a nice bonus) but this would make my library virtually unusable.

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It was a mistake on our end not enabling the option that prevents your library from being autofilled on purchase. We’ve since enabled that option, but if you bought the bundle in the first 7 hours or so the you will have had all the games placed directly into your library.

Depending on how much of an issue is for some people, we may be able to provide a tool to remove all the games added so you can add them one at a time from your bundle’s purchase page.

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Update: we’re now running a script to clean up all entries from the bundle in your library that you haven’t already accessed. This means you will have to return to your bundle purchase page and interact with a project to have it also show up in your library.

Update 2: that script is complete, your libraries should now only contain projects from the bundle that you downloaded.

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wait, so you may have erased ownership if we had bought a game separately and there is no way to get it back?

[not even sure that applies to me, but it is a large bundle with lots of potential splash damage]


No, only records in our database associated with the bundle were changed.

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Seconded on the 'Framed collection' the link in the bundle only opens the store page, which has no download info whatsoever at all, is it even downloadable in or they made the page and forgot to actually add the game/price ?. As it stands it looks just like publicity for the game


Is anyone else finding that the system does not acknowledge the games as bought through the bundle?  With other bundles I've bought, like the racial justice one last year, I get a big banner across the top of the game's page, saying I bought it in a bundle for $x, so many days ago, etc., but on this one there's no banner, and the "download bundle" page doesn't link me to download pages, but to the game pages, from which of course I can't download, because it doesn't think I've bought them.  I know my payment went through, since I got the email about it and can access the special purchase URL, but I can't access anything in the bundle except to look at its page.  (Other than the ones that were also in the racial justice bundle, that is.)  Is this some kind of side effect of the script cleaning up the earlier autoadd error?  (Though I don't think I bought the bundle before that was cleared up...)

That banner appears only for games you've manually added to your library from the bundle page. You can add games to your library in the same way as the Bundle for RJ&E.

In the top right corner of where you see your avatar, click the  V  (down arrow) and select "My Library" -> On the menu bar on the left side of the page, select "My Purchases" -> at the top of the page, select Bundles -> Click the link to the appropriate bundle

From there you can browse games in the bundle. Clicking "Download" next to a game will add it to your library whether you choose to actually download it or not.

the problem with that is not every game on the bundle page link we were emailed has a download button, so there is no way to actually get all of the games in the bundle into your library, in other words a lot of games will never have that nice "you bought this" bar at the top even though they claimed to participate in the bundle.

and since leafo disabled the transaction occurring like it should those games will never actually be in our libraries

granted there are some crazies like aldenfen who like buying stuff then tossing it in the trash, but most collectors want everything they buy to be  in their library

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Excuse me? what do you mean by 'tossing it in the trash', you can still get the downloads from the bundle page, haven't seen a single thing that is not obtainable there. Reason I personally prefer things to be on the bundle page to begin with, rather than the library, is because A) at least the bundle page is paginated, and B) at least i can search by name. The library lacks either benefit. If they fixed the library with ANY ability to sort or search within and or pagination? I'd be glad if they autoa dded everything to the library.

And if you find games that lack actual downloads, you need to bring up the names here because they are supposed to have them, so they can actually fix the list an remove the ones not complying with the requirements to be in the bundle, like some games already did. (Some only offered steam keys, and some took time to fix, like the Framed collection originally didn't show me any download links, but now it does.)


the dev tos doesn't require a dev to provide anything, it also allows a dev to delete purchased games. so reporting a dev will do no good. having the product flagged as owned and in your library (even if there isn't actually a download) is still itch's responsibility though.

and "tossed in the trash" is completely accurate, 

it's not simply the nice banner saying you bought it, which also helps prevent accidental rebuying,

the key thing is leafo didn't hide the games, he removed them. yes there is a bundle page where theoretically you could click download at some point in the future if the store page still exist but it is not a true tied to your account DL link. so if a dev deletes a store page which is very common then you will never be able to claim the game. this is very important because only a handful of bad devs will delete the actual download once you've purchased, just the store page. and if it is banner up top claimed then even if the store page is deleted you can get a support email that will take you to the download, but the bundle page is based on the store pages, no store page, no download, even if a download exist for that game. this is why it is important for the product to actually be in your library as opposed to having the equivalent of an unclaimed steam key

as far as searching for something in your library it is easiest to search the store then use the owned banner at top, or use a 3rd party game library tracker like isthereanydeal.

For people like me who actually buy things on itch and use it regularly, having upwards of 2000 items added to the library would make it unreasonably tedious and difficult to navigate. Until the ability to search and sort libraries is improved, keeping it functionally useable takes priority over some collector's need to demonstrate ownership of every single thing included in a $5 bundle explicitly organized for charity. Priority is the operative word there. has terrible coding, that coding is not going to get better if the solution is to only have 3 or 4 games.

my prefered way to search for a game in my itch library right now is to simply hit the main page and search then click on the you own it banner to download.  also chrome/tabs outliner can be used to create a sort of favorites list, then there is always ITAD. 


I wanted to add my two cents here as well because I've been having a lot of confusion and trouble trying to download all my new games...

I was using the list (under krissiefox/my library/my purchases/bundles/indie bundle for palestine aid)

to go through and download all my games, but at one point my browser got a bit laggy and I refreshed the page. When I did, their order had been scrambled and I felt like I had to start all over for fear I'd miss some of my games. I eventually looked to the email I'd received and started downloading from the list on there because I could rely on it to not shuffle itself around on me. But I've now started running into games on the e-mail list that bring me to the purchase page instead of their download page, not giving me an option to download them.

From what I've read on this page, it sounds like to get every link working on the email I'll need to go through all 34 pages on the aforementioned list. But I'm not sure if even that will work because when I was downloading from the non-email list I also had a couple links bring me right to the purchases pages rather than the download pages.


Hello - very excited about this bundle. My question/request - is it possible to put either system icons on the games or a way to filter? This was possible on the page where I purchased, but not in my actual bundle library. I'm on a Mac, so having to click on each one to find out is a pain, but then not being able to mark or filter so I don't have to do this each time is impossible. Also, if there is no system icon, is that playable online?  thanks.


I'd love the option to add them all to my library. Or view the bundle in the desktop app without lots of pagination.

A way to "download all" or more easily select ones I want to try would be very helpful.

The bundle page has 34 pages. To check out games I have to right click the "Download" button and open in a new tab.

Ctrl+clicking ignores the open in new tab convention. Clicking the title goes to a store page that doesn't seem to recognise i have a copy of the game

Going back from the Download page forgets your scroll position on page n/34

So lots of room for usability improvement :)


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Something like "Include games from bundles" here maybe

I made a wiki for very quick searching & browsing of the games.

Palestine bundle

Racial Injustice bundle