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Like azukitchen said, the "Open 2 Treasure Chests" quest in level 5 is broken, and that bums me out because I want more. Very addictive, I love it!  I'll be keeping an eye on this.

It felt like there were just enough clues hinting toward something else under the surface, and pretty clear signposts letting me know I was on the right track. It was really nice to know precisely when I'd seen everything, too. It's a really tight experience with great flow, and it comes together incredibly well despite being obtuse and cryptic.

Really engaging and interesting experiment. The interconnected "telephone" elements really held my interest and I blew through all 20 games in one sitting. Avert Your Eyes was the standout for me, the audio and visual techniques mimicking vertical cellphone videos were impressively fitting and effective.

Neat. I assumed the demo was all there would be. Sauna 2000 is one of my favorites on the demo disc, really great job.

That was really awe inspiring & thought provoking. I consider a game good when it puts me in the right mood and evokes emotions organically, and this put me in about 7 different moods one after the other.

What even are bugs, even?

I really loved this. Made a friend and found a lot of cool stuff in the trash, it was a good time.