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be careful what you wish for, devs tend to abandon itch, for example the paid

lags way behind the free.

then there are lots of cases there the dev has sold the game then renamed the game to game version x so you'd have to rebuy the game to get an update. (i don't have issue when they are upfront about the game v x thing, it's the bait and switch that annoys me), there is no approval process for renaming so devs can and have turned paid versions into demos before

a lot of the description sounds like the game might be a metroidvania, is it open world (for example somewhat freely going back and forth between the 4 areas), or is it linear sequential level based?

when you redeem the steam key it says Kilmonger for beta testing

sometimes a dev changes the title of a game, there can be good reasons for this like making sure there isn't confusion with a similarly named title or to emphasize something about the game but other times it can have dubious purposes like downgrading a game they've sold to a demo and moving the actual game to patron.

having a name history would lessen confusion and help with shaming those who use renaming for the wrong reasons into doing the right thing.

something sort of like how on steam profiles there is a arrow next to the username that if you click shows all the previous usernames the person has used only here it would be next to the game titles

sometimes even if they post an update there may be no feed notification, for example:

where neither the actual file update nor the dev's update post triggered there being something about it in my feed has v.75 patron for sale

some devs update their games but don't make a news thing about it so their update doesn't appear on the feed. I realize this request could cause double notification on games where the dev does make a news notice but that seems the lesser evil compared to all the updates we currently just never know happened.

Thank you

speaking of titles they may want to look into restricting the ability of a dev to change the title of a work. for example let's say the sell a game "X", then later they change the title to "X demo" or "X version 0.001". this happens a lot with adult games when the dev abandons the itch version in preference to selling on patron, or decides to milk the audience for more, granted milking could be somewhat defended if they had initially sold the game as "X demo" or "X version 0.001", but to sell it as "X" then downgrade it is a bit bait and switch. 

it seems like the dev will sell each version as a separate product, good if you can help the dev more, bad if you are poor.

the marble version seems to be the version the dev had to abandon for some reason, the new version they are working on is at:

there's a free version available for DL through their patron page, better versions available if you can afford to patron, hope the dev someday releases a fixed price version on itch for those of us with more shallow pockets

you probably want to use "create application" instead of "export project"

  • Export Project: Exports your project as a compressed GameMaker file with the format *.gmz. These project files contain all the information relevant to your current project (including resources, extensions, game information etc...) which can then be imported again into GameMaker: Studioas a complete project in the future. This is very useful for transferring a project over a network as well as for storing shelved projects or backup copies of a current project.
  • Create Application: Once your game is ready you will probably want to give it to others to play! By using this command you create a stand-alone version of your game. The actual files produced will depend on the target module chosen in the drop down menu of the GameMaker: StudioGUI.

everyone has a butt and the le leche league has made breasts a non-issue as it has been for most of history, so on visual it's just whether genitalia are shown or not.

on sex there would be E none- T spooning/natural mounting like in nature- or AO unnatural sex acts like missionary position

dl not starting, other devs have mentioned itch has a file size cap so you might have to use or something as a mirror.

another option one dev did was sell through itch but host the game file on humble bundle, but i'm not sure how they set that up, and it's a bit weird because there is no humble store page for it

there is a different version of this also available on a separate store page, be sure you are familiar with the differences between both versions before deciding which one to buy

seems like it would have potential as humor and eroticism varying from innuendo to porn depending on where you want to go with it. Consider that in Zelda the main character is always doing theft/home invasion type stuff, therefore they could probably use a spanking and those upside down hearts look sort of like butts so to start 3 swats would put an end to their life of crime against the poor dungeon creatures, at least until they collected more butt containers to increase their endurance...

There needs to be a way to top up payments, then in your example if the dev if the dev converted a free to a 10$ game with purchase to donation conversion the 1$ donator would then be able to top up with 9$ to reach the 10$;

or if a dev released a version 0.5 game for 6$ then added a tier of 7$ for version 0.6 the customer could just top up the 1$ instead of having to rebuy the game at full price again.

bought 8$ tier, then dev released a 9$ tier, i didn't see a way to top up from the existing download link at top that appears when you are a customer, tried buying 2$ tier to see if it would add (bringing total to 10$) but it considers the 2$ a separate purchase...

next time you patch, naming the download file by the games title instead of just "game" would help keep the file from getting lost in peoples download directory, thank you