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new uploads/updates in feed

A topic by dcrockerjr created Dec 06, 2018 Views: 67 Replies: 2
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some devs update their games but don't make a news thing about it so their update doesn't appear on the feed. I realize this request could cause double notification on games where the dev does make a news notice but that seems the lesser evil compared to all the updates we currently just never know happened.

Thank you


We do have some auto-generated update events that get  put in the feed, but we're considering phasing those out. We really want developers to post an update when they are ready to announce. Additionally, a lot of the times developers will upload new builds that don't need an announcement. We feel like encouraging developers to post updates will keep the feed clean and more useful.

sometimes even if they post an update there may be no feed notification, for example:

where neither the actual file update nor the dev's update post triggered there being something about it in my feed