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any way to change the resolution? it is far too big for my screen

Very, very fun experience.

Amazing game.I like the difficulty curve, fun!

I am a noob perhaps, but agree, all other attacks seem consistent and easy enough to dodge, it feels odd the pookie lasers are in phase one, especially with the explosion, especially when it seems they are a bit random on where they are done, rather than following a pattern.

Yeah it runs but it is clearly wanting some weird resolution or something I don't have... hud is the wrong size on combat, and sometimes it might cover enemies to a point I can't win, I had to restart the first dog fight multiple times until I accidentally ended up with the cats on the right side, and was able to target both dogs. Also, the notes menu doesn't fit my screen, nor do the notes.

Is there a way to change the resolution? it seems too huge on my screen, and without windowed mode or resizing I can't really change it

Is this version also updated when the steam one gets an update?

This is super old, but having a weird issue. I was able to switch the game from full screen to windowed just fine, no issues there. But now the game closes down whenever I try to open the settings menu. (note that otherwise game seems to work fine, just can't change settings anymore)

I had a question, how do you summon the chef or the other ghost from the restrooms? the ones that says 'from now on can be summoned during wrong turns'. Is it a class specific thing? a chance to happen in combat?

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Excuse me? what do you mean by 'tossing it in the trash', you can still get the downloads from the bundle page, haven't seen a single thing that is not obtainable there. Reason I personally prefer things to be on the bundle page to begin with, rather than the library, is because A) at least the bundle page is paginated, and B) at least i can search by name. The library lacks either benefit. If they fixed the library with ANY ability to sort or search within and or pagination? I'd be glad if they autoa dded everything to the library.

And if you find games that lack actual downloads, you need to bring up the names here because they are supposed to have them, so they can actually fix the list an remove the ones not complying with the requirements to be in the bundle, like some games already did. (Some only offered steam keys, and some took time to fix, like the Framed collection originally didn't show me any download links, but now it does.)

At some point at the tutorial, when they tell you about 'use the flares' and onward, the camera getss fixed in one position, and it won't hcange. Even after finishing the tutorial, the camera will stick to that one spot of the sky, even if you fly out of bounds, (I tried changing camera from cinematic to the other option, but didn't change.)

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Seconded on the 'Framed collection' the link in the bundle only opens the store page, which has no download info whatsoever at all, is it even downloadable in or they made the page and forgot to actually add the game/price ?. As it stands it looks just like publicity for the game

Any reason there is no actual 'download' info on the page at all?

Yeah, noticed that... it is very awkward. 

It would be so cool if they allowed you to sort your library like you can sort the store page, search tags, even ratings on what you own. That woul dbe a wonderful fix, even if they autoadd everything. Also, no infinite scroll, that's bad, BAD, BAD WHEN YOU HAVE 1000+ ITEMS AND IT LOADS A COUPLE A TIME.

First, I kinda hate the games are autoadded to the library, given the sheeer number of them, since you can't sort or search within your own library!. 

Second and also bad, when you check in page for the bundle, the search option for titles does not work. It does work for another bundle I bought, the one about racial justice that was also a ton of names?. So I can't even search for names quickly.

Yeah I really don't understand WHY it has to run at such high resolution it feels really... unnecessary, there is no way this is 1080p only

Is there a way to change the screen resolution for the game?, it is far too big for the screen and I see no way to change it

Where are the settings for the game?

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Is there a way to change the resolution? I can see the window cuts on the left and right side. I tried windowed mode, and resizing the window but it forces some sort of aspect ratio that keeps cutting the sides of the screen, and going full screen doesn't show the full screen either. I can force my desktop resolution to a different one that makes it (in windowed) actually break out of that aspect radio when pressing 'maximize' on the window, but that is still not ideal, changing my resolution just for a game.

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I haven't had any issue with the bundle myself, besides maybe download speeds, do remember you can only download things via the 'download' button on the bundle list, for whatever reason, if you open the game info page, it doesn't show as 'owned', which is a very weird... decision for the website, and admitedly confusing.

What I mean is, games won't even appear on the 'library' proper just on the 'bundle' section, until you check the download pages of each one, that I can get, not spamming the library, but... not showing them as owned if you check the page, and be forced to open library/bundle/etc each time to double check? that is kinda odd.

Third edit, I heard the website might be having traffic issues as well, due to volume of people, keep tht in mind. but I for sure checked more than 5 games without a trouble

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Basically, what the title said, I am trying to download games from the new bundle, and my speed seems to top at 20kb per second, with spikes that go to 30kb, back and forth. P(selecting the alternate download mode is not helping). Is there anything I can do?, been trying to download for a while, and even had some downloads fail already.  I did read some posts around but... the rest of hte website seems to work fine for me, images and all. 

I am in Argentina, buenos aires, to be more precise, if that affects anything, not using any vpn or the like. It is just... distressing to see 60 mb claiming to take over half an hour, if it works.

Hi! sorry for the weird command, but based on gameplay video I have seen for some reason the game seems zoomed in, or at least, not displaying the full window, when I run it and I can't seem to find any resolution options, closest is the 'force windowed mode' on command line parameters,and even in a window, it refuses to display the full screen, it's not major, but it i sannoying I can't see the full window. Any potential help or solutions you can offer?