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Same from my side, was really cool making this game together!

It took me some time to figure out that the melons are the notes for the moves to do, I was dancing myself away freely the first time I played. Nice implementation of the melon theme.

Nice idea and good theme!

Cool game, it's really fun!

Interesting game. Seems to take a long time to play it! :-)

Hehe made it around the house and back on the table. Also playing with the cans is fun.

Where is the game?

With the multiple jumping mechanics it feels like I am swimming. Probably the water already caught me. :-)

Nice story, great writing! But very linear. I didn't feel that I am in the story and can make choices.

Unfortunately game does not start for me, leaving only a white screen.

Could figure out how to play the game. Music and graphics are not very medieval. Now I'm curious...

Nice game! This is how a cat really must feel.

Getting a game over when being successful feels odd. Interesting combination of a car and ball game.

Took some time to find out how to move the bat. Sound is great, graphics are bit too psychedelic for my liking.

It was a bit hard for me to imagine myself insode the story. Things I did had not really an intuitive influence on the outcome. Apart from that it was fun to play!


Great game!

Signs/buttons are hard to read.


Never imagined how hard it is to roleplay an energy sphere.

Nice drawings, but I could not get much of the story.

Despite I hate Flappy Bird, I actually liked this game!

Very crazy story.

Technically well done, but very simple well-known game concept. Could be a bit more dynamic (faster, enemies moving).

Fixed it, thanks a lot!

I don't see anything on the game page.

How do I sail the boat?

The generated maps look awesome!

Did not work for me, got an error on WebGL initialization.

Thanks a lot! Spikes are intended to harm you on both sides, after all an inverted and turned spike is a spike again :-)

Great game, love the story, the cute graphics and the ambient sound!

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ok, another possibility is to zip the swf together with a file named "index.html" that contains the following line: <embed src="YOURSWFFILE.swf" width="960" height="720" ></embed> and then upload it as a html game. The width and height should match what you used in the Scratch converter.

Looking forward to your Ludum Dare game! I hope we get a good theme :-)

Can be hard, especially when one has to type welsh village names :-)

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You can upload the SWF directly, to enable this, your game page must be set to type "flash game".

Great excercise for Ludum Dare! Since you asked for it in the forum, here is some feedback: I like the sprites and the music loop. The platform graphics could need a better style though, some platforms and background use the same color. The pattern in the grey platform does not make much sense to me. Instead I would have chosen a more technical style with nuts and bolts. Also picking up coins is a bit off-theme, picking up compact discs or printed circuit boards would fit better. The description "where you have to beat a deceptive AI." was a bit misleading, since it is basically a collect-em-up platformer. For me the game was too hard to play (but I'm not good at this), since there are no save points I became frustrated with restarting at the beginning after touching a robot.

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There is now a tutorial on how to Publisch Scratch Projects on itch.io.

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There are different possibilities to add a scratch game. One is to download your Scratch Game and then convert it to an SWF using Junebeetle's Online Converter. I usually use the settings "Autostart" and the double resolution, that is 960 x 720. Then you get an SWF file which you can upload on the itch.io game page.
Another possibility is to make a file with html code to directly display the game via the Scratch Webpage. This article describes this, but the explanation is in German language, sorry. The screenshots and html code snipped can be helpful nevertheless, I think.

Awesome! The game stands to what is promised in its name and I like it!

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I voted on most of the games, but it seems I was the only one.