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..or I could have looked more carefully. I have found the web version now! When playing, I somehow got stuck on entering the market. The controls disappeared and I'm standing between Benetton and Mamiladen and cannot move.

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Game looks interesting! Will there be a web version?

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Awesome game! The winter topic perfectly matches today's weather. At first, I wanted to talk to the cat and accidentally  slashed my sword at her. I had better luck with the market lady, and immediately found the game topic reflected there! I didn't mind being a troll, but I immediately regained my old form although I did not have all the crystals?

Great project! I struggled a bit with the coding though.  When I pull a "Repeat 10 times do"-loop into the Actions area, the emulator stops working. I looked into the generated code, but the loop there appears to be fine. Does somebody else have this problem as well?

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Awesome game! I like the slow pace that fits the music. I had some trouble finding out the controls for jumping and hitting in the beginning!

You already reached the end - playing with the cat is the final act.

Very nice setup, the graphics, font and the written story fit well to each other. I did not understand the part with the two unnamed presents there where it says "Will you open open them?". Why is "open" listed twice (also in the possible answers)?

Great game, I immediately knew what to do (which is quite a compliment since I'm very bad at finding out how to play a game). The two-player variant seems to issue points always symmetrically, probably you could issue team points in this case and add some ghost team with virtual points that you can hunt with two players. But that is just an idea. Another suggestion would be to award more points if only one label is used and fewer if more labels are used.

I like the setting and for me the controls for looking around and moving were immediately clear. However, I could not figure out what to do when I am in front of a present or how I could snatch a present from a racoon. In any case, it is awesome to see racoons in the game!

3.10 works like a charm! Thanks a lot!

Hi! I have recently purchased the pro version and made a text-multi-color, per-char-colored, tileset project with CP3.09 Win64. But when I exported via File->Text/Asm->ExportAll the Tilesetdata and the Tags were missing in the file. I have used this function many times with Charpad 2.86 without problems so far. Any idea what could cause this problem?

Tolles Video! Macht Lust, verrät aber nicht alles. Super Sache!

It would run under Windows with an emulator or directly in a webpage that embeds the emulator.

Very nice introduction to the Twine system in form of a Twine story. Project is in German language. I like how the project focuses on the bare essentials while providing links every now and then for those who need more information.

We had a great idea for an ending but did not have the time to add it by the deadline. We are going to make a post-Game Jam version though where one can enjoy the great finale :-)

Check out the stuff in the attic.

"board ship really" works. I will rework this part in an update. I did not intend that people get stuck on guessing on that part.

Awesome! You were on the right track, but you must be *really* sure!

Yes, you can find the project here:

I see that all submissions have a web player with their game but no PRG file to avoid publication before the contest ends. I know how to add the web version, but how is the game submitted then? Should we send the PRG-File via a separate channel?

Awesome game! Perfect contribution for the cassette!

Hi, I just stumbled upon your great game on CSDB. I love it that you do C64 game development in 2020! I'm also making games for this platform. If you are interested in exchanging ideas and tools, pls. contact me at

Great game, awesome story!

Same issue here, got a report that playscii.exe contains Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B

Awesome use of the game engine!

Thanks for the careful reading, fixed it. Looked very German before, LOL.

On the other hand, for Scratchers that like to make games, there is always the possibility to join any of the other jams wich are open for any platform. For example, I submitted Scratch games to the 2 color jam, the Browser Game Jam, for Ludum Dare, for the Mini Ludum Dare 74 and for the Klagenfurt game jam. In short, if you want to make a Scratch game, there will be always a Game Jam nearby where you can submit to. See for a list of ongoing and upcoming Game jams. I see the Scratch Jam mainly as a starting point for Scratchers to get familiar with publishing games online and with using's interface. In the future, I hope to see a lot more Scratch games around!

We could, but I'm not sure how we could get enough participants. This time we advertised a lot in Scratch, Linda is even in the Scratch Team and announced it on her profile, in the forum and on the Scratch wiki. Still, we will get probably at most 15 submissions, I would love to see 50+.

We are doing the Scratch Jam now for the second time, if there is enough interest (10+ submissions) we will organize the jam next year again. The topic will be created randomly and we will take care to provide a new topic every year.

Submitting early has the advantage that others might get aware of your project because it stands out. I would be careful not to submit a buggy or incomplete version though, since the first impression of a game is the strongest.

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As far as I can see you have joined the Jam successfully, so it seems to work! You game seems to be yet unpublished.

Soweit ich sehen kann hast du dich erfolgreich angemeldet, scheint zu funktionieren! Dein Spiel scheint noch nicht veröffentlicht zu sein (auf mein ich)

Will there be a Wide-Dot Pixel Game Jam in 2018?

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Thanks for playing and the encouraging review! Thanks for going the extra mile for running the game, I will investigate on the html5-version on different platforms. The four parameters shown at the final screen are citizens, enslavement rate, poverty and level of education for each city. It was close to the end of the jam when I had the game functional, so these things are missing. I am planning to make an improved post-jam version.

Great game! Very mysterious, I hope I played it right. The hands of the actors are bit oversized, I first thought the detective was wearing boxing gloves. I navigated first with the cursor keys, which works, but it upsets the console messages when you go up. I switched to using wasd keys which got rid of the problem.

The close problem happend, when I started the game source from the Python GUI (IDLE) on a Windows 10 system. Perhaps this is an odd way to start the game. Regarding the objects, I'm curious: What does this big T with the 2 gray colors stand for?

Tried again today, now it worked. Graphics and music are cute and fit well. The spray sound is not logic since you ride some kind of huge brush. I found it nice to re-visit the area I already flew through and painted, but after some iterations I lost motivation to go on further, perhaps there could be some intermediate goals other than just not running out of paint?

Nice graphics and sound. The game concept is not that innovative, but your interpretation as a space rocket is a great idea!