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Introductions! Sticky

A topic by mwcz created Oct 03, 2017 Views: 414 Replies: 7
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Jam Host (1 edit) (+1)

Welcome to Open Jam!  We're excited you could join us in this celebration of #gamedev and #opensource.

Introduce yourself or your team below, and let us know what tools you plan on using.  Let's get this community started!  


Hi all! We're the Geeks & Gadgets club at Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia, USA). We love games, and we love open source, so we're happy to be taking part in the Open Jam.

We'll be using the Pygame module for the Python. Pygame is a featureful library based on libSDL, and since it is cross-platform, our game will also be cross-platform. GNU/Linux is our primary target environment.

Art will be created using open source tools such as GIMP (GNU GPLv3) and Piskel (Apache License).

For the audio side of things, we are considering several music creation tools. We're heavily leaning toward FamiTracker (GNU GPLv2), but other programs such as MilkyTracker (GNU GPLv3) are still on the table.

We'll probably use Audacity (GNU GPLv2+) for recording sound effects.

Happy coding everyone!

Jam Host

So glad you all are participating!  I'm especially interested in Piskel.  I'm an Aseprite fan, but it's no longer truly open-source, so I've been looking at Piskel as a replacement.  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Piskel after the jam!


What up yall I go by NinjaMuffin99 all over the internet and I like OpenSOurce stuff. Im going in solo for this one, and I'll be using HaxeFlixel for code, OgmoEditor for level editor, OpenToonz for graphics, and possibly LMMS for music and sound. Good stuff!


Hi everyone. I go by Kurama. This is my first jam, so I am just exploring everything.


Ice Rebel,  just a guy with a computer and a passion for cool game jams.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Hey Everyone!

We are team MiN. We are two youngens doing our first jam together. We are documenting alot of what we do and hope to do a little video about what we do. We are working on a tower defence game where you never get to rebuild or build new structures. Enemies leave a permanent mark. So be careful of them. We are using visual studio, unity, gimp and blender.


Hey all!

We are Erika Matthews and Luke Brown! We're a couple, and this is our second game jam. She does the art I do the programming! We submitted our entry! Thanks to everyone for the awesome level of effort. The games are fun and very creative!