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Thanks so much for the kind words!

Hey I know the tool uses are super weak! Sorry. We don't have much experience with anything else and decided to join last minute.

I have uploaded the data file! Hope that works for you!

I fixed it! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! Maybe a tutorial would help with that.

Awesome game! Love the idea of your spray paint tag being the "mark". Only thing that I struggled with was the speed at which I moved. I was zipping around everywhere haha!

Hey all!

We are Erika Matthews and Luke Brown! We're a couple, and this is our second game jam. She does the art I do the programming! We submitted our entry! Thanks to everyone for the awesome level of effort. The games are fun and very creative!

A tutorial would be helpful. All I know how to do is pick up the cat. Where do I take him? Thanks :)

Wow! The fluid mechanics are amazing!

The dance when you win is 10/10!

Awesome! Only Constructive criticism I would have is that the minigames seemed a little long. I love your work! Great entry!

We would be incredibly thankful for any kind of feedback. Thanks again for playing!

Your models are amazing! I love the Art!