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Hey I know the tool uses are super weak! Sorry. We don't have much experience with anything else and decided to join last minute.

I have uploaded the data file! Hope that works for you!

Haha, no problem with your tool choices, I was (at least partly) joking. I like the work Unity and Unreal have been doing with the Linux versions of their editors and how easy they have made for people to publish a game on Linux.

The Data folder seems to work with both of the Linux versions (x86 and x86_64). Thanks.

A stripped down version of this would've made a nice mini game for my entry. I liked how you were able to get multiple mechanics and enemy types and even progression in there. Played until I got the dragon and then a few more rounds. Can't really give any specific advice on how to improve it apart from more polish and more of what it already has: hazards, different playable "characters"/upgrades etc. This is a nice jam entry though.