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Ice Rebel

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If you have completed an order you move up to the very last room. The customer is sitting there. Then you bring the food to the mouth of the customer.

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awesome, I really like your game, to improve the gameplay it might be nice to list the controls somewhere.

The player can now choose with which keys they want to play. thanks to Henryetha for pointing it out.

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Thank you, I will fix the necromovement as soon as possible.

the game has been updated, only custom key mapping is proving to be quite difficult. But it isn't impossible.

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posting a little update vlog. I have redrawn most sprites and I have given the gui a make over. I am currently working on dishes which compose out of multiple ingredients like a fish and potatoe. I guess I will update the game on itch.io very soon .


Is it allowed to update a game during the voting period?

Thank you for your comment, I will spice it up ;).

I will look into custom key mapping. I guess I should be able to implement that, I might look for a few songs to give the music a little bit more variation, thank you for your comments.

Oh all right thank you for the quick reply

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updating done, the game is still not exactly as I wanted it to be, I might release a post-jam version soon

Created a new topic I can't rate any games?

I have submitted my gameI did submit my game? cookventure

awesome, I was just like: the developer was probably  in a hurry but he still wanted to make something. Did not see this coming

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Thanks for your tips. I am currently updating the game. the kitchen will get a purpose ;), I have also fixed the bug you noticed thank you for reporting it.

20 hours to go, this is going to be a real challenge but I will take it.

nice game

Nice DPS2004,  I really didn't mind because there are so many games it is almost impossible to create something completely unique.

I am currently working on a different project as soon as I finish that up. I will finish this game. The music definitely needs an upgrade. Thanks for your tips.

Created a new topic Forager bug report

walking on water. maybe some invisible bridges

If you take a a look at the credits section it is clearly mentioned however thank you for your concern.  I can't port  my games to mac/Linux  yet but soon I Will be able to do so

thank you

great game, I really like the downwell type of shooting.

I'm glad you like it.