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A member registered Jul 22, 2017

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I really like the idea behind this game. Music & graphics are very fitting. As for controls, I wish the character would keep walking when holding the key (my poor keyboard ^^). The puzzles self tend to be quite tricky.

Well, starting the exe file leads to a black screen, unfortunately. Nothing to do here. If you can fix this by time, I'll give it another shot.

I really love how this game is full of action. combat is satisfying due to the propper sound effects and animations. reminds me abit of 'tree of savior'. I wish, the main atk button wasnt Z. As I stated in another game, some keyboards have Z and Y reversed, and Z here isn't really easy to reach. Mouse click would be perfect, but I doubt that mouse support is that easy on the older rpg maker programs. In general there's room for improvement when it comes to controls (and GUI). Also the hook is hardly visible (if at all), so you might want to consider change its icon. Then again.. I love the hook's functionality and how well you implemented the mechanic in your map.

This is a great game. Graphics super cute and fitting. Sounds fitting. Gameplay interesting and entertaining. And maybe you wanna consider making it roguelike/-lite? Refering to randomly generated maps, this would fit this game so well. Anyway, really good job on this, nice one!

Nice platformer. Performance could be better tho, it feels laggy, higher fps thus more fluent gameplay would make it more enjoyable. 

I love the graphics, they are simple, but have nice colors to look at and remind of mario.

Missed some BGM. Music and Sounds are important and a well chosen background track can improve the game so much.

Flags, once triggered, should stay down, else the map is like a labyrinth and you can get lost. Or maybe was that intented?

That's a very well designed game, everything working as intented, sounds and music are fitting, simple graphics, but also fitting the game. The twist IS missable, not sure how to prevent that tho. As for the Caps Lock, it doesn't work for some reason on my keyboard (I'm pretty sure it's my keyboard, as the caps lock key behavior generally is different here and I'd need to download the driver to change it). More userfriendly for future development might be some checkpoints, the player can unlock and select in the title screen. Anyway, for this early state, the game is amazing.

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Decent game. Found 1 mapping error, at the dragon statue the character is walking above its head. Else the map was very sci-fi, not bad! Also decent dialogues. Sometimes I wish they were more unique and lively. Some people can get bored fast from reading (like me included), so when you repeatingly read "Full of clothes", then you want only already move on. Background Sounds were well chosen imo. In all seems like a good intro for a greater story.

I really like the music and sounds in this game. The idea is also quite interesting and I enjoyed the athmosphere. I can't confirm the performance issues, the game went fluent on my side. Only thing.. the part of when the second dog is coming.. it might sound dumb but I tried various times and it just felt impossible to pass it.  The dog anyway comes quite fast. Above that the path was very narrow and I didn't manage to escape. Now not sure if the dog events are fixed (always at the same spot?) or if dogs come by coincidence.. Anyway, finally I gave up at that part. If there's a trick behind, you maybe want to consider telling the player after he is caught (or after he was cought a certain amount of times. If not, then maybe reconsider the spot.

As for the grammar and spelling, Naomi is right. I'd just ask a native speaker to proofread it.

The game is working now and it's quite fun to play. I have not much to add, Naomi already said alot :D Only thing to add, at the altar, when you choose between saving process and the enemy book, it might be better to make the process saving the default (and first) option. Sometimes people click fast through the dialogues, especially after playing the game a while. Saving the process might be more important in this case.

Anyway, the game was very fun to play, please continue the good work! :)

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Well, on one side gameplay is easy but then again unpredigtable. You think u can eat one of the rabbit but in the last moment it turns around.. Some kind of "buffer" would be a nice implementation here, giving the player some confidence, that he actually can beat the game after enough practise. The other thing.. I really think, the movements lack of frames.. the lagging movement of the snake is giving me headaches while playing it, so yes.. it could be smoother. graphics are totally fine for this type of game imo. However, some good BGM would make here a great difference. Some good rhythms could even forgive the lagging movement of the snake (like.. just go with the beat!)

It took some effort to get into the game mechanics, not too long tho, it was ok. For a better playability I'd suggest a config option to change the Z key, on a german keyboard (and don't know how it is on others) we have Y and Z reversed which make controls significantly harder. Many games have that issue tho. As mentioned before, the game has potential. I imagine possible upgrades, more machines, more ingredients, different customers with different behavior, and and and... possibilities are nearly endless. As for graphics, I like the simplicity, especially on food items and how they indicate clearly, how the food item is prepared. The music.. can drive one crazy if playing for a longer time period. So if intenting to expand the game, I'd consider another BGM or at least pauses or changes.

Same error when trying to play in browser. I downloaded the file through dropbox, but running it on my desktop it missed the SE audio file "Decision2". So I can't rate it at all for now.

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I see it's about a story where a hero returns home..  A lovely map, but I missed some paths between the buildings. People are supposed to walk from one place to another, the gras can't look so untouched. However, I liked the cemetery. The dialogues I found really well written. In the end I became abit disappointed as I was hoping for some kind of challenge. There are answers to choose, not sure what the NPCs had answered to a denial.

edit: What I also wanted to mention.. it would be better to take unneeded files out before offering the game to the public.. as for example all the battlebacks, battler images, etc..(especially all the unneeded audio files) and so make the game file smaller. Especially when it is for download. For me this wasn't a big issue, but I know about some people having really slow internet and they might not even bother with the download if the file is too big.

Good example given x) I gave it creativy only 2 stars, because labyrinth-type games are nothing new and even found in the everyday newspaper ;) 5 stars for playability. Very good explained and especially positive I find, that the steps are counted and the minimum possible steps mentioned in the end. Entertainment.. gave it 3 stars. The sound makes the game abit alive and after all I played 2 runs, trying to beat the former score :D Mapping 3 stars.. well, it's black and white.. However, I like how the squares are arranged. Also.. making a labyrinth is not the easiest task. Thought Provoking.. 2 stars only, because the game is easy to beat and for the optimal way you theoretically only have to take every possible way into consideration and choose the shortest. So all together I'd give it 3 stars..

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I am sorry to say this, but.. tho trying several times, I can't find anything to give your game a star.  Controls are confusing.. graphics.. done in a few seconds in MS Paint and nothing outstanding nor creative.. Gameplay? I can't tell.. There's no explanation nor propper control to get to any gameplay at all :( I'd suggest, try to put next time some real effort. 

Edit: I came to think of it, maybe the game just bugged. If there'll be an update, I'll give it another try.