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Hi, I was wondering, how many rounds poison status persists on the actor? It lasted through various battles now and didn't go away. Is that intented?
Even after equipping the "Poison Ring" it wouldn't be removed.

Other than that I found the game quite enjoyable so far. :)

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Thanks for clarifying. Haven't thought of the front battlers, but this clears all confusion :) 

Will think of an alternative way ^^

"16. Original RTP files may be cut and pasted into another Original RTP folder. Battlebacks may be used for Title Screens.  Battlers may be used for Pictures.  There are other possibilities."

So for example, when you use battlers for pictures, you usually have to cut them, right? As the whole picture with lots and lots of battlers it wouldn't make sense. 

So is it correct, that for example cutting characters and placing them in the faceset grid would be okay aswell? As it doesn't alter the rtp ressources, but only makes them useable at all (as the format sadly is required) + the characters also come with a sheet of various.

Just to be sure, cutting them out is fine?

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Thank you alot, Carl! 

I will see what I can do with the other characters. Already planned for the remaining 2 parts of the game cutscenes, where the player can navigate es one (or 2) of them - mostly as scenes of the past - in order to get to know their background story and even more of their personality.

Thanks for taking the time to play and review Exorcist's Path :)

Oh and.. as for the ghost scene.. although you're the first one mentioning it, I think you're totally right! Probably a replacement with a slow pure piano BGM would fit much better. Thanks!

Aw.. I feel so flattered by so many compliments and I'm really happy you enjoyed the game! 

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day :)

Oh thank you so much! (And sorry, I just seen the comment now)

I've also done a few fixes already, but still need to upload ^^ And for part 2 there's even some custom art in work.. >_< 

Ty again <3 

This looks awesome! Definitely keeping this one in mind, maybe for future projects :)

One thing you could try to check is the folder, where you installed the game. Some (like "program files") seem to require extra permissions and can cause issues, upon trying to save (someone pointed this out, after I've been asking; I havent thought of that).

So if that's the case, you could try, if running the game from a different location fixes the issue (I run it directly from my desktop for example).

Alright, I will ask around, if anyone else might have an idea what could possibly cause this.
If it's not too much of a hassle, would you mind, to redownload the game and try again maybe? or even on another computer, if you have access to another, and see if it's working.

Thank you! And sorry, it is hard to see the issue here. I redownloaded the file myself again, to check it, but it's working as intented.

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Thank you so much again for your support and your patience!

I can't receive donations at this point, as it would require the permission of the artist who made the protagonists. So far he only allows a non commercial use and seems to be inactive. But I much appreciate the thought <3

There is no problem and no need to ask for sharing the game. I'd appreciate it alot and am happy about every player who will give it a try. ~

I'm glad you could finish the demo. However, I don't understand why saves weren't available? What exactly happened when you tried to save through the menu? And did the dialogue box, asking you to save, pop up at all?

Because here it is working, and referring to the video, Cayte made, the player also was able to save. So I am wondering, what exactly caused it, that you couldn't.

Anyway, thank you again! And have a wonderful day~

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Hi, thank you alot for trying the game and the feedback! :) The first save should be possible after creating the protagonists. I thought it was early enough, but it won't hurt, including another save just before the first battle. Thank you for pointing this out ^^
As for the first battle, it's okay to just use with Vishna the Poisonous Seed, this will do the most damage to Duessa. The other attacks rather serve to get familiar with the timed attacks (but the poison will definitely "defeat" her >D). I maybe should include a hint :D

Btw, the game will be always free, even when finished. I'm just happy when people enjoy my game ^_^ Thank you so much for playing ~

It would be interesting to play the story some time back in the past.. :p  Anyway, great game, best of success - be it for a possible Siren sequel or be it for any other project. You know I really like your work ^^ 

Thanks alot, my friend <3

Thank you so much! After so much work I am really happy to read such positive feedback <3

Beautiful game!

I love the general setting of the maps and just some minor improvements could make them even better.

The writing is nice, maybe just add a few (grammar) corrections in a future update.

Sadly it is too short, to get really involved with the characters self. However, it's possible to feel involved by having experienced something similar in the past.

The drawings I found very cute.

Nice job overall. :)

Thanks alot

Finally had time to try this game! Exciting story, gz on this good job ^^

Thanks alot, Carl. This is very helpful!

An update is in work based on your's and the other's feedback suggestions. Thanks for playing and taking the time for this detailed review, helping me to make the game better! Also I am very happy you enjoyed the game, despite of the flaws.

And again thanks alot, it makes me really happy to see the game is being enjoyed.
You've also done an amazing job, I just didn't want to write too much, to avoid spoilers. But when u decide to keep working on it, I'll gladly playtest if you need someone :) 

It was a beautiful experience indeed, very touching. I really love when games go right into the player's heart like this one.

Thanks alot for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

It's true that at some points it lacks variation which indeed is due to the limited time (in fact when I submitted it was on the last day 3am in my country), so I can just agree on that. 

Also there was sadly no time left to let anyone else playtest it, which leads to the next issue you mentioned, the player feels "aimless". In fact 3 people have given me a similar feedback on that point and it's something that will be changed, to make progression noticeable to the player. In fact progression is there, but in hidden variables. How that negatively affects the player, I didnt notice by myself testing it, but now that I know it, I can work on it and hopefully release an improved version in future (after the votings of the game jam have ended). In fact I plan to make the progression directly visible on the screen, so let's say (tho the system right now works different) - it shows 2/10 maps explored. The number would increase on each map change and the player would know, he needs to explore 8 more before he unlocks the next NPC.

The town scene actually progresses with the player. It would become populated as the player proceeds exploring and "brings back" various NPCs, which would sell different items or unlock small features (as improving the own equipment). Each new NPC would come with its own dialogue scene, too. Well, but the issue here is connected with the mentioned before, as the player can't notice the progression, so I see, how it can end up in frustration. The town self plays a central role in the story as it advances and later leads to another event/scene, which again leads to the boss (in fact there's a boss fight in the end) and finally to the end of the story.

I've seen your Action Sequences in one of your videos, so I'm not surprised about your comment. Myself I haven't yet worked with them before and was trying a few simple effects on the last day, as before I had only used them to show the weapon image on skill attacks. However, I find the possibilities fascinating so I already planned on taking a closer look and learn more :)

I agree on the background images. Tbh I found it incredible hard to find some I could use. I haven't noticed that VN would hide the feet (Myself I hardly played VN). It could be something to try out, so I guess changing the overall perspective. I will keep it in mind.

I am not sure about the Battle Sprites, as I think their size is pretty much standard for MV? Or am I misunderstanding something at this point?

The arrows (while exploration) have some randomness but are partly planned out. So for example after a battle you'd never encounter directly another battle; Minigames are abit more rare than for example finding an item; some "1. time scenes" are "forced" after a certain value on a var has reached - like the human encounters which do perma changes. Or when a way leads to a treasure chest it could be randomly be the one with the gold or the other one. Guess that's something that needs testing and testing and testing again to optimize.. 

About the time period.. yes, it was intented, a medieval surrounding but with some modern aspects in the dialogues. However, you're not the fist one who mentioned it, so I'll try to take a closer look on them after I fixed the main problem (the feel of being aimless).

I really appreciate that you tried my game and I also appreciate your feedback. Thanks alot! It will def. help to further improve it. :) 

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Just completed playing it. No errors. Very nice game indeed and a very lovely monster, a true hero.. 

Thanks for pointing it out here. I was about to download for try it. But I'll wait now for the fixed version. The game looks promising :)

Very fun game!

Perfect! Enjoyed every second of it!

Aw you making great games!

Nice one! - Again ^_^

Thanks alot, Carl ^^

This game is wonderful and one of the best I played lately. In fact I'm crying. 

Good job :)

Thank you! ^_^

Oh thanks so much! Very glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Cool ^^ I like the dialogues and the death screams xD

Love Vikings..!

Nice job.

I really like the idea behind this game. Music & graphics are very fitting. As for controls, I wish the character would keep walking when holding the key (my poor keyboard ^^). The puzzles self tend to be quite tricky.

Well, starting the exe file leads to a black screen, unfortunately. Nothing to do here. If you can fix this by time, I'll give it another shot.

I really love how this game is full of action. combat is satisfying due to the propper sound effects and animations. reminds me abit of 'tree of savior'. I wish, the main atk button wasnt Z. As I stated in another game, some keyboards have Z and Y reversed, and Z here isn't really easy to reach. Mouse click would be perfect, but I doubt that mouse support is that easy on the older rpg maker programs. In general there's room for improvement when it comes to controls (and GUI). Also the hook is hardly visible (if at all), so you might want to consider change its icon. Then again.. I love the hook's functionality and how well you implemented the mechanic in your map.

This is a great game. Graphics super cute and fitting. Sounds fitting. Gameplay interesting and entertaining. And maybe you wanna consider making it roguelike/-lite? Refering to randomly generated maps, this would fit this game so well. Anyway, really good job on this, nice one!

Nice platformer. Performance could be better tho, it feels laggy, higher fps thus more fluent gameplay would make it more enjoyable. 

I love the graphics, they are simple, but have nice colors to look at and remind of mario.

Missed some BGM. Music and Sounds are important and a well chosen background track can improve the game so much.

Flags, once triggered, should stay down, else the map is like a labyrinth and you can get lost. Or maybe was that intented?

That's a very well designed game, everything working as intented, sounds and music are fitting, simple graphics, but also fitting the game. The twist IS missable, not sure how to prevent that tho. As for the Caps Lock, it doesn't work for some reason on my keyboard (I'm pretty sure it's my keyboard, as the caps lock key behavior generally is different here and I'd need to download the driver to change it). More userfriendly for future development might be some checkpoints, the player can unlock and select in the title screen. Anyway, for this early state, the game is amazing.

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Decent game. Found 1 mapping error, at the dragon statue the character is walking above its head. Else the map was very sci-fi, not bad! Also decent dialogues. Sometimes I wish they were more unique and lively. Some people can get bored fast from reading (like me included), so when you repeatingly read "Full of clothes", then you want only already move on. Background Sounds were well chosen imo. In all seems like a good intro for a greater story.