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Thank you alot, Carl! 

I will see what I can do with the other characters. Already planned for the remaining 2 parts of the game cutscenes, where the player can navigate es one (or 2) of them - mostly as scenes of the past - in order to get to know their background story and even more of their personality.

Thanks for taking the time to play and review Exorcist's Path :)

Oh and.. as for the ghost scene.. although you're the first one mentioning it, I think you're totally right! Probably a replacement with a slow pure piano BGM would fit much better. Thanks!


That is just a suggestion to think about. We both know that music play a big part in setting the mood and atmosphere of a story or world. A sad melodramatic and subtle background music is nice for a sad scene. I know you know it. Good luck on improving the game and looking forward to try your future projects. 


This is a sample LeTBS in a game.