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Carl Marajay

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Again congratulations on your game. As a Filipino myself, you inspire me to improve my game deving even more. You deserve all the success in this field. Looking forward for the final release of Lawmage Academy and to your other future games. 💛

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I'm just happy that I made this game. I just found out about the Hispanic Heritage Month Jam two days before its deadline so I've done a researched that same day about the traditions of Latin America and I came up with the Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the dead. I chose this specific tradition because it has a similarity to our 'Undas' celebration here in the Philippines which is during November 1-2.

I love the vast colors and stories of Latin America and the Latinx Culture. I believe that we should respect the roots of our ancestors as long as it doesn't violate the moral code of life.

Thank you to the host of the game jam and to everyone on the team for sharing awareness of the beauty of Latin America.

~ Carl Marajay (Game Developer)

I will never insult or make fun of a culture. Thank you 🙏

Just want to know...thanks.

Can I make a game about one of the traditions of Latin American culture like Día de Muertos? 

Thank You.

If only you finish the game, you'll understand that the protagonist was under a delusional world that he believed was true.

Unfortunate..I am about to add choices in the future with different endings. Well story driven games without battles and puzzles can be classified as 'games' also. Pure exploration games as well. For the delusional part, beside the fact that the main character has amnesia, the events and characters (NPCs) that he interacted were part of the delusion done by the monster. Anyway, thank you for considering my entry, sad that it was declined. Good luck with your game jam.

Thank you so much.

Admin/host, I'm almost done with my game jam entry..just want to ask, this is not just for me but for everyone who are joining this jam, if someone wins that person or team will send a PayPal email to you? Thank you.

Admin/host I have a question. I'm almost done with my game but I really don't want my game to be disqualified and my hardwork not paid I want to ask game jam project has no battles and puzzles, just pure adventure horror game. Do you think it is allowed?...I am doing a visual novel so not rpg. Thank you. 

Thank you again. Glad to know 🙂🙏

I just knew about the jam for less than an hour ago

Very interesting theme. I now have an idea in mind. The main character is obviously wrong but he still insist that he is right until the end...thank you.

I hope you don't mind me asking again here..but is it allowed that you can't see the monster? I mean like the "monster" is just an idea of fear in your mind, you know what I mean? Because I am planning to make a game where the monster is not visible but still scary and horror. Is it allowed or I need to show a monster?...


Thank you :)

Hi just want to ask, can I use any game engine?

Thank you. I'll watch. Please do another jam this year for the best village/town jam.

I missed this jam. I only knew about this just this morning. If I start, I only have 20 minutes. Hope there's some extension..oh my...

May I ask sir, can you elaborate more about searching for miracle in a fantasy setting? I'm a bit confused.

(1) Can a game still win without a battle system? I ask this because I am planning to make a visual novel RPG using RPG Maker MV. I hope you consider story based game.

(2) The submission should be in windows PC?

(3) Should it be a complete game?

Hope you give me some answers before I start this game jam. Thank you 🙏

may I ask you first, do you love uncommon puzzle? The puzzle in this game is a bit hard and you need to check files on the folder to decode the game's mechanic. This is not an easy game to play. This game is for those people who love solving things.

message me on Facebook

Let's talk there 🙂

Thank you 🙏

I want to know if I can still make a game without coding?

hi..sure. Any reviews are welcome. Link me the site. Thank you 🙏

Deserve the love it gets ❤️🙏

Guys do NOT use the ESC button. Someone reported to me that there's an ERROR.

You can download and play it now. THANK YOU.

THANK YOU, to you as well. 

Currently in development. Wait until the deadline.

This is a sample LeTBS in a game.