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A jam submission

Take the Money and RunView game page

Entry for the OneMap Challenge.
Submitted by FoxTrot_2250 — 47 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Thought Provoking#132.0412.500
Judge's Persoanl Approval Rank#141.2251.500

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Judge

Well, starting the exe file leads to a black screen, unfortunately. Nothing to do here. If you can fix this by time, I'll give it another shot.


It took a few plays of  this game before I finally started to understand it.  I like the concept of a turn-based co-op game where you don't know what the other player's going to do.  But this game's design holds it back from itself.

For one, the text-based tutorial goes by very fast; it wasn't until I opened the game for my third time and read it in full that it finally started to click what I needed to do.  Also the controls are not fully explained in the tutorial; I only knew how to shoot based on the "press g and n to continue" prompt, and guessed that the arrow keys were my controls.  Later I guessed that the WASD keys were player 2's controls, and I was right.

But the poor design goes deeper than that.  I'm still not fully sure what the red boxes on screen were; I think that was my health?  At first I thought they and the grey boxes on the side were part of the environmental design.  It wasn't until I decided to start the game with 2 bullets per player (why does the game automatically have zero bullets per player, btw?) that I realized those boxes was my ammo.  It's all very unclear.  And the g and n keys aren't the best keys to pair with the arrow keys and WASD keys, respectively.

Also, pressing "play" with my mouse only turned the sound effects on and off.  I think you should look into that; I had to use the arrow keys and g key on the menu.

Overall, an interesting concept.  But failure of design holds this game back.  I'd consider polishing it after the jam; this game could be something great.