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Project;ValkyrieView game page

For the One Map Challenge
Submitted by Cosmic Fox (@spiceandfox) — 12 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline

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Judge's Persoanl Approval Rank#14.6674.667
Thought Provoking#34.0004.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Judge

Looking forward to the full length game. Good luck.

Jam Judge

I really love how this game is full of action. combat is satisfying due to the propper sound effects and animations. reminds me abit of 'tree of savior'. I wish, the main atk button wasnt Z. As I stated in another game, some keyboards have Z and Y reversed, and Z here isn't really easy to reach. Mouse click would be perfect, but I doubt that mouse support is that easy on the older rpg maker programs. In general there's room for improvement when it comes to controls (and GUI). Also the hook is hardly visible (if at all), so you might want to consider change its icon. Then again.. I love the hook's functionality and how well you implemented the mechanic in your map.


Thank you so much for playing!

I just updated the game, so most of the bugs have been fixed.  I also fixed the GUI and the HUD (Originally, it wasn't suppose to be like that!).

Also just a heads up in the future, almost every RPGMAKER games controls can be changed by pressing F1 and changing it from there! 

This is, how I can say it, a very good experience. With a good story and little tweaking this game could be a very good one and OMG that feeling when you smash the Z button to bash all the enemies in your way is so damn satisfying. 

The combat is satisfying as heck and I recommend you use the sword all the way through because it's feels so good to have the enemy infront of you could do nothing as you bash them in their face. Feel pretty bad for them actually. Poor bot.


I have to say, I loved this game! I think this beats my game by far. I actually wish it was longer, but I know you only had two weeks. Maybe you should add more after the jam? I did forget the controls sometimes, but altogether this game works for me.


Thanks for playing! I might do some more after the jam!

Submitted (1 edit)

I'm not a fan of arbitrary punctuation in titles, to be honest.  But I'll give it a pass for your sake.

I'm also not a fan of text-based tutorials that dump all the information on the player at once.  By the time I've gone into battle, I've forgotten how to fight.  I won't be giving that a pass.  Also, of all the keys, why Q, S, and Z?
For a game that seems so story-based, it's odd to just start the player on their mission with no information.  Assuming I haven't read the description (which you should always assume--let the game itself tell me what it's about) I have no idea what's going on, why I need to kill these bots, etc.  It's very unclear whether this is fantasy or sci-fi, as there are elements of both battling for my attention.  I like the music, though.

Did you draw the player character and their sprite yourself, or is it a free asset?  Either way, the cleavage in her dialogue sprite is ridiculous, especially for a jam for all ages.

For some reason I selected my item in such a way that I had to use the S key to attack with the Sora Star.  It took a while to figure this out, especially since the controls told me otherwise (Z for weapon).  I also found myself pressing X (menu) instead of S a lot by accident.

The combat is pretty satisfying.  Needs more sfxs to go with the visual info, but I like it.  Also, is the death sound the same as in Undertale?  Was that a coincidence?

I also like how you can destroy nearby plants to get healing items, and that you can throw the Sora Star at an angle.  That's a nice touch.

I really like how you teach the player you can use the Sora Star to hit levers without saying a word, just with the natural implications of the throwing mechanics.  Same with the grappling hook (which didn't run out even though it said I had only 2, btw) .  But why can't you hit switches with the grappling hook?  And maybe either the grappling hook or the Sora Star should've been a skill, so the player doesn't have to switch between them so much in the later stages.

I like how the boss has the same weapon as you--something you've gotten familiar with throughout the course of the game, but also can take advantage of to destroy plants, as well as dodge.  It wasn't too hard after I remembered I can run with Shift, though.  And there needs to be a visual indicator when the boss is going to throw its weapon; half of the time when I got hit, it felt unfair because there wasn't a visual indicator.

Also, there NEEDS to be a save point in the platform level after the boss!  I reached the kitchen the the jellys then died, and I had to start from the boss!  That's super frustrating!

The gun was hard to use and made me die the first time, so I ended up just using the sword after getting it.  But then you overloaded me with enemies and fireballs, so I switched back too it.  Also after dying and coming back to get the gun, I noticed there's a save in the main menu.  Why have a save in the main menu and a save point; pick one or the other!  The presence of a save point implies the absence of a manual save!

Didn't know I could destroy fireball machines until I had those two shooting at me after the save point.  Would've been nice to know that earlier. 

Also, I could walk on the kitchen, bookshelves, and boxes.  Just so you know.

At first the final boss was pretty hard; his projectiles are super challenging to dodge.  Then I decided to just stand there and shoot him in the face repeatedly.  Guess what--it worked!  He didn't retaliate as I shot him over and over until he died.   Without this exploit the boss probably would hae been super hard and near impossible; nothing previous has really prepared me for this.

No ending cutscene?  Why not; could've tied the story together.

Overall, this is a pretty satisfying demo.  The story's practically nonexistent, and the story that is there has cliche lines that don't interest me.  The gameplay is pretty fun, though, and was a satisfying 20-ish minutes.  Maybe develop this into a full project after the jam's over.



Sorry about all the problems you've encountered.  I will try to fix these asap.

I'll try to give you a rundown to why most of these issues exist:

Title - I randomly thought of it out of the blue, inspired by Japanese anime titles like steins;gate, robotic;notes, etc.

The tutorials and such wasn't meant be all in your face all in the beginning. I wanted to extend the tutorial a bit longer, but unfortunately ran out of time.

The controls are like that by default, I'll see if I can change it, since I do agree it's a bit convoluted.

I drew the character and the enemies, the character portrait was suppose to be a placeholder along with some of the stuff in-game but decided to just roll with it.

A lot of stuff got scrapped and left incomplete  due to me rushing the project I didn't have enough time, I wanted to add more sprites and such. The sfx used is either default or gotten from opengameart.

I forgot to disable save woops, a lot of stuff was left for some debugging.

There was suppose to be an ending, but again, didn't have enough time. (Literally uploaded the project in the last couple of minutes!)

Thanks for playing, I'm going to try to release another fixed version to fix most of the issues and balance it out a bit more!