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I finally found the way!

1. Enter the project Dashboard
2. Click More/Admins
3. Enter the username and click Add admin
4. Send the agree to link to collaborator
5. Turn on the "Contributor" toggle

During the mining process, I found that there are some submitters in some games, like SpamBoy Deluxe, there are 3 submitters: Https://

The game still belongs to a developer, but other partners can also display that game on their personal page.
Do I have a way to do this now? Thank you for your help, I think fair treatment is more important than the award: P

Thank you for your specific advice!

I am not familiar with Legolas, I searched for Legolas videos on youtube, and now I really want to add a Legolas role!
I thought at first that if the character can use multiple attacks, it is not enough SPAM. But I think your suggestion will make the game very fun!
If this game continues to develop, I will actively consider these suggestions!

In the end, I am actually the role of the game developer. It is not enough experience as a game designer. I am surprised that you found this :)

It took me 18 hours to decide the theme (and it was not a good enough theme, just use because to reserve development time)
So I understand that this topic is very difficult to decide a good theme. (Not just suitable, but good enough)

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Wow! Thank you for your review! Very detailed, helpful and friendly!
(Because my English is not very good, I usually don't post very long text, so I only gave you a short comment, sorry for this :P)

I want to share the original idea of this game for you.
The game has only multiplayer mode and only 3 players.
Players play swordsmen, archers and artillery. (In order not to be dull, decide 3 Spamming methods)
The swordsman is responsible for blocking the enemy from approaching and protecting the archers and artillery.
The archer is responsible for killing the enemy archers on the castle, insurance swordsmen.
The artillery was responsible for destroying the castle and winning.
Because of the time, the final version is just destroying the enemy. (There is no excuse, everyone is not enough time!)

I also like the king mode you proposed, which gives the players a reason to fight and bring more cooperation to the game.
This game is currently only made for OpenJam, I agree not to expand it. If this game continues to develop, I will add the king mode and more roles :)

Of course, you are welcome to try online mode! I don't know your time zone, I will search for your room and join at 12:00 and 00:00 US time tomorrow, just choose one of your available time 

Just see you in discord tomorrow :), and my discord username is johnsoncodehk.

Finally, thank you very much again!

Very direct theme! I like your instinct for shooting games. It is very fun to play this game!

I think that thinking of a good theme is the hardest, and you have done it, and it is doing very well!

Multi-person development projects are only shown on one developer page. It is unfair to collaborators. Is there any way for collaborators to share work results?

Thanks for your comments!

I added a shadow to make the archery method easier to understand and will update the game after the vote is over!

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Thank you for your helpful suggestions!

In fact I don't have enough time to complete the archery (in order to complete the multiplayer function), the game is a three-dimensional space, the operation needs to control the angle with the mouse, and the up and down movement controls the Z-axis (Like clip doll machine). Therefore, it is necessary to judge the Z-axis position of the arrow with a shadow.

I just updated the version on Github Pages, added shadows, and zoomed in on the characters. I hope you can think that archery has become reasonable!

Github Pages Version: