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Wow! Thank you for your review! Very detailed, helpful and friendly!
(Because my English is not very good, I usually don't post very long text, so I only gave you a short comment, sorry for this :P)

I want to share the original idea of this game for you.
The game has only multiplayer mode and only 3 players.
Players play swordsmen, archers and artillery. (In order not to be dull, decide 3 Spamming methods)
The swordsman is responsible for blocking the enemy from approaching and protecting the archers and artillery.
The archer is responsible for killing the enemy archers on the castle, insurance swordsmen.
The artillery was responsible for destroying the castle and winning.
Because of the time, the final version is just destroying the enemy. (There is no excuse, everyone is not enough time!)

I also like the king mode you proposed, which gives the players a reason to fight and bring more cooperation to the game.
This game is currently only made for OpenJam, I agree not to expand it. If this game continues to develop, I will add the king mode and more roles :)

Of course, you are welcome to try online mode! I don't know your time zone, I will search for your room and join at 12:00 and 00:00 US time tomorrow, just choose one of your available time 

Just see you in discord tomorrow :), and my discord username is johnsoncodehk.

Finally, thank you very much again!