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To the EndView game page

JimJam #2 entry
Submitted by Kobrar — 4 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#343.1113.111

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Love the progression, there was some time in the middle of the run that I thought the game would not become more challenging but it did. Love the permanent corpses of dead people on the floor, constantly reminding me how powerful I am. What I think could make this game even better is more of the dialogue like the one you already had, it could add some dark humor to the game. Great work!


Difficulty scales with the "Alert Level". Alert level raises for every alert cop every time you kill someone. I did some stuff like spawning cops in packs to increase their odds, but I messed up distribution in a pretty pathetic way if anyone ever looks up the source code ;) There are many possibilities for this concept and it will take some serious redesigning. Someday.

Thank you for playing!


The art and music makes for a very good atmosphere! Is the level procedurally generated? Gameplay is fun but not challenging enough I feel.


The level is procedural, but its very simple. It should be possible to barely avoid hitting the ground at all times. Also, it is finite because I couldn't be bothered. Thank you for playing!


Loved the mechanics and jumping rooftops.  It's a little tough to aim at the floor while flying around, tried to keep on the balconies.  It was cool to play your game on stream!  <3


The game made me my first gamedev money, so I'll make sure to develop it more someday B)


I played that until my finger got tired xD That's the first time I've played a game made in Godot too, so that was cool! Really enjoyed mowing people down! Satisfied a sadistic itch xD


Interesting concept for a game! However it seems to be unlimited as to how fast you can attack, which lead to me killing over 600 of the in game people on my first attempt, the police seem very weak as well, I just ran to the left, spamming attack and killing anyone who appeared. Tried to take a screenshot but the game wouldn't let me.  Nice graphics, music and SFX. All in all an interesting game.


Your attack rate is controlled  by physical presence of the knives. When thrown they physically go in that direction, until they hit something or they reach the end of their range, and then they physically go back to you. You cannot use them again until they come back and you have four of them. If you run towards them, they will come back to you sooner, which means you can throw them again faster.

I don't think I can do anything about the spawning and difficulty easily, sadly.

Thanks for playing and rating and feedback!


Ah I understand now! I was just running left and spamming them at the closest enemy to me so they were coming back almost instantly. I wouldn't worry about it it was still a great submission to the jam and you should be proud of it :)