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Thank you Deono! It means a lot! I had to swap the music right before the deadline because I missed the rule about no paid assets. But I'm actually more happy with this free music. :)

Thank you Sinci1! Glad you liked it! :)

Interesting mechanic, difficult for me since I'm not very good at multitasking :)

Ah, nice! That's a clever combination, will try that next time I play! Also didn't know I could disable that setting, neat!

I can't quite understand what the point is. Some instructions and sound would go a long way.

Cool concept! Great art and atmosphere! I had no issues with the controls as long as I kept holding the direction I wanted to turn. Though I would expect to not die when the red snakes hit my tail, same as in TRON games - because the red snakes move unpredictably, so it's not always fair - you can get unlucky.

Super intense game! I really like this type of fast-paced mouse controlled game. Art and music is great! Two tips: the planets sometimes spawned almost on top of the black voids - you could avoid that with a hit-test when spawning. And the munching sound seemed to interrupt itself(?) when you eat planets very fast. Try using multiple audio sources and alternating between them to solve this.

Very unique puzzle game! I really like the dual layer fading music, though it's a bit loud at the center of the map. Great job with the voiceover! The animated eyes are a nice touch. Impressive number of levels for a jam, and although they are similar, the difficulty gradually increases. The last puzzle feels like you almost have to cheat to pass it, but hey, it works. :)

One thing: I left an arm on top of a red ledge, and when the ledge was turned off, the arm didn't fall down.

Very nice game! I like the artstyle, music and gameplay. Responsive controls. The basic slash feels very nice and I like that it stuns enemies shortly. The charged shot is a bit more tricky to pull off, as it takes some time to fire, so it can't be easily used in a lot of situations. But I guess that's part of the challenge. I struggled a bit with the walljump mechanic - it seems to work best when I just spam the jump key without pressing any direction. Also wondering why use K to jump but W+L for wall dash, which is like a tall jump? I feel W+K would be more intuitive, but maybe that's just me being unfamiliar with the controls. Anyway, keep going, you've got a great game in the making here!

Addicting little game! Very good sfx, music, art and mechanic, and very nice that it's procedurally generated! Sometimes there are long jumps which seem impossible? I haven't been able to jump that far at least. And sometimes when rolling uphill the snake slow down and eventually stops and dies (pressing shift gives it a boost to avoid this though). I got the Windows slow keys dialog several times because of the Shift control, but that's Microsoft's fault really.

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One of the most creative mechanics I've seen so far in this jam! Very well executed too! I managed to get stuck on level 4 by moving the guy near the door to the top, and wasn't able to re-possess him.

Very well executed defender game! Simple but visually pleasing graphics. I felt the collisions with the player were a bit further out than what I would expect, and the impact could be more visual. That's my only nitpick. Gameplay is very good!

The art and music makes for a very good atmosphere! Is the level procedurally generated? Gameplay is fun but not challenging enough I feel.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, and that my fix was of help. :)

Cool concept! Very nice art and music! The fighting mechanic feels a bit slow, as the character stops before hitting enemies. My character glitched out of the top right corner of the world when I was trying to punch the snake, and I wasn't able to walk back.

Very cool concept with biting your tail to grow powers. Kept me curious what the next power would be. A bit slow-paced at first, but gets better once the shadow is removed.

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Too hard? Try the easier version on my website:

Note: This does not count as my jam entry! All I did was tweak the letters in one level.

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Hi all! I uploaded an easier version of the game on my website:

All I did was tweak the letters in the 'You need skill to be quick' level.

Note: This does not count as my jam entry! I just want to give people a chance to see my full game. :)

Thank you rk3Omega! I don't blame you :)

Will tweak and re-upload so people can enjoy the full game.

Yes! It was cool to see him play it on stream, love that the intro scene got him. :)

Thank you! I so wish I had time to playtest more. Didn't realize how difficult that McDonalds level was because I got project blind and was short on time. I will adjust the difficutly and upload again once the rating is over!

Cool concept, but very hard to time it right about halfway! It feels like you have to wait a bit long for the light when the snake is very long. Very thorough tutorial, and unique graphics!

Interesting concept, neat dragon tilt mechanic. But I wasn't able to hear any sound(?) The pixel art is a bit unreadable in fullscreen.

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Fun game! The cheery music, bouncing and smiling snakes makes the atmosphere really good! That's quite a bit of levels for a 2-day game, nice!

(A tip: The credits text could be less blurry if you increase the font-size and decrease the scale instead)

Hilarious game! Something about the dramatic music and the super speedy planets and the face of that snake biting away just cracked me up! Very well done!

Very cool concept! Didn't realize how small you actually are in the start until I saw the earth was curved! Very nice scaling going on. Cool main character! The gameplay feels a bit stiff and slow, but that also adds to the sense of scale I think.

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Fun story and intros. Super addicting gameplay! I had to stop myself for time after like 10 retries on level 3. Kudos, very impressive for a 2 day jam's work!

Thank you, that means a lot! Yes, I was pressed for time and mostly playtested myself, so it's easy to become blind to the difficulty. I agree that that's the hardest level, so I should have moved it further into the game. Wish I had time to add more levels, you only missed like 4. No cheat code unfortunately, but it's possible to pass that level just by moving the mouse very fast, without expanding.