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Nighty Knight - Dash EditionView game page

You are not allowed to sleep!!
Submitted by Harambert — 4 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Sound Effects#43.7893.789

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Really nice game with cool story. I was little confused with controls (i'm used to jump with UP or W) but I got used to it after a while.  Impressive mount of work for two days.


yeah senpai, kinda sucks that we cant upload the post jam build until after the voting. i already have the tweaked build with updated controls..


Thumbnail is sick, eye catcher, smooth cutscene love the game,

Waffle man


Thanks waffle man! I appreciate it! :D


what Tim couldn't beat but me I can say I beat it. so I saw the ending. but i keep my mount shut I want to see if other people can beat it as well. also complements on this massive amount of work that you pulled of last weekend.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

yeah, see? its not that hard when you git gud right? but i guess those who have the patience to git gud are a dying breed :D thanks my man! i appreciate it


That seems like quite a bit to get done in 1 weekend!

Even had Intro story scenes, cut scenes for each level.

The Graphics were fun.

Multiple mechanics implemented  which all seemed to have some real use.


hey thanks buddy! I basically finished the engine and first 2 levels on the 1st day so 2nd day is all polish and cutscenes. besides, the cutscenes are repetitive 10 frames each and making one doesn't take me 10 mins haha. glad you liked it


Loved the idea of this game, the graphics and music were amazing, the movement and mechanics were pretty well done. However the game is brutal, and I'm not a fan of the controls. With the control schemes you provided I was unable to beat the first level after 10-15 attempts, because I struggled to switch fingers between the JKL keys. If this game had controller support I could probably beat it. If you implement that in a future update be sure to let me know and I will happily try it again!


thanks bro, and dont worry i got you. already working on the post build with updated controls! its much more streamlined now ;)


A little too unforgiving for me, some areas seem like theres no hope of recovering from, Very solid though, and the transitions were really nice


Thanks for playing! Yeah I tend to make the challenging ones as a tribute to NES games ;p

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fun story and intros. Super addicting gameplay! I had to stop myself for time after like 10 retries on level 3. Kudos, very impressive for a 2 day jam's work!


Thanks man! glad you liked it! ;)


Lot of fun and very challenging.  You're really on the clock here.  Interesting take on a side-scroller.  Also really liked the intro artwork, gave it a very SNES/Genesis vibe from the get-go.


thanks bud! I do take pride on my retro fan-boying  ;)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

You can mash sword in air to stay afloat. It is super handy in level 3 where youn can skip entire vertical portion of the level that way :D
I really like this. Art, music, sense of humor.

Is there a connection to the theme?

Oh, I almost forgot. I hate the K jump with passion.


lol, don't worry buddy, I got you! I already built a game with updated controls and no more attack, basically I put both dash and attack at the same button and powered up the dash. its much more fun now. Just waiting for the jam to end to post the post jam build


I actually had to come back to leave a comment, that was amazing to play! Seems like something so much more than a 48 hour game, kudos dude!


thanks my man!! :) well game maker is very fast in prototyping. i basically finished tje prototype in about 2 hours!