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i think has been the first game ive seen with audio for the ui haha, good job, had fun with it and it wasnt too hard

rtx enabled

thank you, yeah i suppose it would make a good mobile, just using the two sides of the screen as buttons

this is great

not sure what the catch was, i just kept picking the highest roll

the trouble im having with this one is that it doesnt really have a catch, theres no goal or anything so really the best tactic is to not do anything with isnt really a game at that,  if you just had like an exit or something that you had to get to by breaking the blocks would at least make it a complete game loop

just playin checkers with ya bro before the apocalypse ya know. well done tho

this is beautiful, thank you

the goal was to burn all the trees right?

strangely satisfying, but the controls feel really laggy, not sure if its running at low frame rate

ive been seeing a lot of these rng based games, not sure why really. i dont think having everything up to just chance makes for a fun game

not sure why you had an animation when you attacked, i took me about 5 mins to figure out that the damage was coming from the cursor not the monster, also not sure what the goal is. you did super good with the pixel art tho

this is pretty great, could use some sort of win condition tho

im not realy sure what i was doing  as far as the overall objective

i prolly wouldnt have gone with calm sort of melancholic music for this haha, good track but doesnt fit the game at all. simple and fun, only hting i would have done maybe is turn down the explosive force a little, make the highest force still reasonable for the levels

i have no idea what to do in this, the rules menu doesnt show up properly and nothing makes intuitive sense

pretty fun, could use maybe just a slight bit of air control and momentum

i thoroughly enjoyed this one, simple and fun

This was good, one suggestion would be to make the things you activate glow or change somehow. at first i thought you had to have something stay in those with square things

this was cool, needs some audio but its other than thats its well thought out expecially when you mix in backing up

oh you prolly read that with the wrong tone, it didnt really have "fun" per say but it did make me laugh

so i think this would be a cool idea if you had to knock the rabbit around the a pool ball kind of and he didnt jump on his own. it feels like im just randomly pushing stuff and taking a bunch of damage

Honestly the controls just came off as annoying,

this is ridiculous

this was a pretty cool idea but its too contradictory, the strategy and randomness, it wasn't really fun to play. seems cool on paper i guess, and it was well made

i had had absolutely no idea what was going on. also the installer takes about 5 mins to install a tiny game that opened up in a tiny window. nit picky things but they do matter

this was pretty cool, but too much for my brain

I didn't really understand what was supposed to be happening to win, but the art and audio was pretty good

I didn't really understand what was supposed to be happening to win, but the art and audio was pretty good

Thank you a lot for this, this is very valuable, its been a hard game to play test because it flows so well for me, but trying to get people to get to that point is very hard. I'm still not sure I'm ready for this project because of the amount of playtest work that would need to go into it so I'm not too sure if I'll continue with it for the time being, but thank you again. Theres a lot of more interesting mechanics like moving platforms and what not already coded, but it didnt want to throw too much stuff at the player, wanted to establish the basic movements first. And for the recall mechanic,  its intended to be somewhat of a puzzle mechanic, but the game changed too much to where its pretty much useless. I really appreciate the time you put into this though, pictures helped as well

Action feedback was good, but the player was too slidey and floaty for a game where you try to dodge stuff. You managed to fit a lot of different mechanics though in such a short time. Also... too much pink for me

Jim made this right?

Solid game, a little too devious for me though, not sure where the theme was either. The aesthetic was really good though, very cohesive

Well over scoping is definitely a problem with game jams and it looks like you tried to tackle too many mechanics. The artwork is pretty on point, but you definitely should have made the game over state first, definitely finish it though, and good on you for posting it anyway

thank you, i did want to finish it

I liked the story and the game fed into the story back to the beginning, I can see what the vision was, so dont feel bad that you didnt get it to that point, its a jam after all. The combat would be better if you couldnt spam the attack and i would say to make the camera focus on the player more toward the center of the screen, that way you can see down where youre falling better

this made me laugh, then immediately alt f4

also i broke it and fell out of bounds haha

the atmosphere was pretty nice and i liked the use of 3d audio to tell where the monster is, very creepy. I gotta say though, if youre gonna do an fps game, plz put mouse sensitivity options, even the most basic simple ones would be good. The design was pretty good for the exception of no landmark type of areas to get your bearings and a stamina mechanic wouldve been suitable for this

Good mechanic although the last level's solution feels like youre breaking the game rules which doesnt make it a satisfying solution. The look is good and I like the voice work. The arms and legs should have been a different shape or color though. Good job though