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Thank you a lot for this, this is very valuable, its been a hard game to play test because it flows so well for me, but trying to get people to get to that point is very hard. I'm still not sure I'm ready for this project because of the amount of playtest work that would need to go into it so I'm not too sure if I'll continue with it for the time being, but thank you again. Theres a lot of more interesting mechanics like moving platforms and what not already coded, but it didnt want to throw too much stuff at the player, wanted to establish the basic movements first. And for the recall mechanic,  its intended to be somewhat of a puzzle mechanic, but the game changed too much to where its pretty much useless. I really appreciate the time you put into this though, pictures helped as well

Action feedback was good, but the player was too slidey and floaty for a game where you try to dodge stuff. You managed to fit a lot of different mechanics though in such a short time. Also... too much pink for me

Jim made this right?

Solid game, a little too devious for me though, not sure where the theme was either. The aesthetic was really good though, very cohesive

Well over scoping is definitely a problem with game jams and it looks like you tried to tackle too many mechanics. The artwork is pretty on point, but you definitely should have made the game over state first, definitely finish it though, and good on you for posting it anyway

thank you, i did want to finish it

I liked the story and the game fed into the story back to the beginning, I can see what the vision was, so dont feel bad that you didnt get it to that point, its a jam after all. The combat would be better if you couldnt spam the attack and i would say to make the camera focus on the player more toward the center of the screen, that way you can see down where youre falling better

this made me laugh, then immediately alt f4

also i broke it and fell out of bounds haha

the atmosphere was pretty nice and i liked the use of 3d audio to tell where the monster is, very creepy. I gotta say though, if youre gonna do an fps game, plz put mouse sensitivity options, even the most basic simple ones would be good. The design was pretty good for the exception of no landmark type of areas to get your bearings and a stamina mechanic wouldve been suitable for this

Good mechanic although the last level's solution feels like youre breaking the game rules which doesnt make it a satisfying solution. The look is good and I like the voice work. The arms and legs should have been a different shape or color though. Good job though

A little too unforgiving for me, some areas seem like theres no hope of recovering from, Very solid though, and the transitions were really nice

I like this puzzle mechanic although i wasnt sure what the rule determining when they actually spread out was, didnt seem concrete or well shown. The level design was really impressive though, it looks like you tried to fit the story into the levels (the goals spreading out or having walls in between) although that could just be me looking into it too much. One thing though, I almost missed the story text because i was focused in on the play area and didnt really notice it till a couple levels in

I wasnt sure how the mechanic worked at first, the first time i just got to the end and didnt really know what i did to beat it, but i played it again and saw how it worked. It was a cool concept though, and the story had some thought to it which was nice. I liked the piano as well, but it looped way too much. Would have benefitted with a little longer level. also the gravity on the player was way too much for me

Very creepy indeed, good atmosphere. Though it would have been cool if there was maybe something chasing you, even something simple like a black cloud or something. Good job with the assets though. Maybe could have placed them in such a way to tell some kind of story through the environment

I think you should have focused more on it repeating and make it seem like it really is repeating with a visual que, something like once you get all the coins then it fades out and goes back to the beginning or something like that, but i see what you were going for, I really liked the pixel art and character animation but the sound was way too repetitive. Controls felt pretty good although i would have prefered the jumping to be space or something

This game was a beautiful but broken game. I had no idea what the gameplay was, and the slider and button at the top wasnt immediately clear what it did but I figured out it was what fed your people but on day 5 or so i had 35 people and -900 hunger and both those number just stay  stuck at those value, I had no idea what the rules for placing stuff was and the first night was the only time enemies came out. Artwork and music are absolutely awesome but the game was very broken

The problem I had with this was that the most compelling part of rock paper scissors is completely missing, the tells. Without that its just a matter of randomly picking a move, which isn't really that fun. The limb eating mechanic is interesting but eventually its just required to eat them anyway. Making the tells wouldve been pretty time consuming but maybe a little icon above theyre head giving some kind of at least vague hint of their move wouldve been interesting

I would have like to see some evolution of gameplay throughout the game, maybe planets that move and such, its really solid though, controls felt a little too tight though, doesnt feel like controlling a giant beast, turning on a dime and such, but maybe thats what you were going for. Good job though! I would say next time though to try and find music more fitting to the game, the music you chose didnt fit the cutesy look

I hit a bug where the player got hit by shuriken then died and slid on floor, but then wouldn't respawn at all, game kept running but was broken at that point, gonna play again though

Cool idea, though it could definitely be expanded upon, maybe another goal to the game like something to collect or something. Maybe a collectible that would only be able to be picked up under a certain color. The goal was a bit broken though, as there wasnt a penalty, at least that i saw, for not changing color, great work on the soundtrack, loved the subtle ambientish dnb

One thing you should definitely try if youre gonna rehash this is to make the jump more springy, mostly in the character model. Make it stretch like you have already, but then when you release, really make the snake spring back into a smaller but wider shape, to really get a sense of propelling upward. I would also make gravity a little bit more arcadey, and make the base shape a little bit rounder to make hitbox detection more readable. This would make a good casual phone game though, definitely worth a rehash

That a cool balance of eating things that deal damage and some giving health, I think different objects would be nice though, making it more clear that certain things give health back

Thats what I was going for! Thanks

Solid game, reminds me something terry cavanaugh would make, good job

the art is really good, the gameplay felt a little unbalanced though, enemies had a lot of health and i wasnt sure if i was even getting hit, also wasnt sure what the goal was, or if it was just to be a metaphor. The timer for your life was a cool idea, the transition was a little abrupt though. Good job all around though

what makes it hard, which i think you could fix is that you have to keep correlating the numbers to where the cameras, if you just make the buttons to switch cameras on the map it could be more accessible, then the challenge can be put more so on the mechanic

Looking for some feed back from different skill levels of players on my game. I'd like it to be as accessible as possible while retaining a good difficulty level, for example the game Celeste. Any feedback is appreciated :D

Thanks for playing my game! I will definitely goo through and add some options to have mouse sensitivity changes. It is very early and still rough so thanks for giving it a chance. One thing I noticed was you weren't placing the talisman down on the little dirt patches so I'll have to add something to help the player learn that. It acts as a checkpoint so its pretty important. Its good to see someone play it to see improvements I can make

Really fun with some good feedback, pretty challenging too

Really good art here, the feedback could have been a little better though as far as the enemies getting hit and stuff

pretty cool, little weird getting used to the return mechanic