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A Rock, Paper, Scissors style fighting game where you can eat your own limbs to stay alive.
Submitted by J.K.R. Gwyn — 3 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#53.6673.667

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Must eat limbs, nice sound effects


It's a different idea having a sort of rock paper scissors fighting game, unfortunately due to the 5 second timer and the ai doing the same move repeatedly (guy on the first floor seemed ok tho?), it did get a bit boring by stage 5 or 6.  The graphics are good for something modelled in a weekend and the sound was very appropriate, I liked the knawing off of your limbs too, that was an interesting mechanic.  Not a bad effort :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Rock paper scissors upgraded version with the ability to eat limbs. That's a pretty cool interpretation, but also I think you picked the most difficult mechanic to make a fun game. It seems to me that you gave some hints in the name of the opponent? It contributes a bit to the predictability of the game. However, it still feels a bit random and I don't think I reliably learnt anything that makes me better at the game. That said, good job on putting it all together with decent sound effects and music. Great work!


Very nice story, the mechanics are cool too, the only thing i think it could have was something like show in the very last moments what each other chose, to give a sense of control of the situation.

Cool sound effects and great music too, i really loved the athmosphere and plot.


The problem I had with this was that the most compelling part of rock paper scissors is completely missing, the tells. Without that its just a matter of randomly picking a move, which isn't really that fun. The limb eating mechanic is interesting but eventually its just required to eat them anyway. Making the tells wouldve been pretty time consuming but maybe a little icon above theyre head giving some kind of at least vague hint of their move wouldve been interesting


Thanks for the feedback dude, there were a lot of things i wanted to add after the main mechanic was in but i ran out of time! I do appreciate it though :)


Nice one dude, so its basically a complicated rock paper scissors? lol. made it to the guy who eats whole pigs


Thanks mate :P Yeah exactly haha!