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You helped me so much in choosing ground colors and giving life to my game with this pack...wish have money to support you man, thanks!!!

haha, thx for playing :D

really cool, i like those games with Quake 2/Unreal (campaign) like mechanis, if you guys had the time to polish and implement other mechanics, the game would be amazing, the points i didn't like so much was the pistol aim, i rarely shot at the right spot, and the damage i gave to the zombies, otherwise, i enjoyed the game.

PS: great destructive scenario animation

dude, the best Jam's game i played until now, i just loved the mechanics and the atmosphere, really good sound and music choices, really cool concept that you thought.

i made the black holes a little small than the plantes, so you can eat then without obrigatory touching the black holes, but i think i didn't made this clear enough, about the sounds, very good hint, in later games o will do this way, thx for playing and for the feedback :D

Really good game, get me playing until i lost (around 2200 points) liked the PowerUp's and the sounds effects too, great gameplay mechanic too.

thx for playing <3

My intention was to create a arcade game that get frenetic over time, but i think it lacked some powerups and changes in gameplay during progress.

Really cool game, you need some time to get used to the controls, but when you get it's cool to play, i liked the "can't move in the air" mechanic, but the level design doesn't fell to fit this type of control, i die a lot because i can't get enough distance on jump, but later you get used to it and manage to progress normaly.

Amazing music, fits a lot the "desert" feel, sound used when die really cool too.

Thx for playing :D

that was my first game, it's clear that i need to learn a lot, for example simple things like the map border, or the score. Thx for the feedback too

Dude, it's clear that you don't have the time to finish, but man, i LOVED the mechanic, if you had the time to polish i'm certainly that this would be a amazing game (still a good game).

Thx for playing and for the feedback :D yeah, forget the score was really a big error, i will remember that in the future.

Very nice story, the mechanics are cool too, the only thing i think it could have was something like show in the very last moments what each other chose, to give a sense of control of the situation.

Cool sound effects and great music too, i really loved the athmosphere and plot.

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Wow, amazing

nice UI Style.

Amazing dragon art style.

Planets, space and other minor things well worked too, beaultiful.

Sound effects fit perfectly, and the music give a nice atmosphere.

And has to do with the theme.

Even the start was a little boring, the Gameplay can hold you until the end if you give a chance.

speak with Tim on the discord server, i'm sure that is the fastest way to fix your problem

Wow, thx for playing <3 is marvelous when someone else enjoy something you put effort to create.

thx for the feedback too, i really should have make a HighScore feature.

Thx for playing and the feedback <3

i think the same <3

i'm doing that, but giving preference for those who comment my game, i think this is fair

Thx for the Feedback <3

Cool growth mechanics,

i liked the power ups too,

Very accurate about the theme,

MARVELOUS SOUNDS EFFECTS (no kidding, just loved the burps)

Amazing music, and good sound effects, nice level design too, but to short.

Thx for the Feedback :D

Nice animation intro, so beaultiful, i ilked the plot too, and eat the red thing :D

Thx :D

Amazing :D